Lviv University of Trade and Economics is the oldest in Ukraine and one of the oldest trade and economic institutions in Europe, which dates back to March 7, 1816. That is when Austrian Emperor Franz I by signing a decree in Milan ordered the Regional Government of Halychyna to open in Lviv the Imperial-Royal Real School specializing in trade (Act “Osta, AVA, STNK, Ktn, 124 ex Martio 1816”).

Throughout the two centuries the institution has made its difficult but glorious historical way – from the Imperial-Royal Real School specializing in trade in Lviv (1816-1825) to the modern educational institution Lviv University of Trade and Economics.

Today the University trains Bachelors in 14 specialties of different specializations, Masters in 10 specialties of various specializations (intramural and extramural forms of study).

The cooperation with universities abroad plays an important role for University’s activities. Currently various projects are being carried out, including: “Formation of anti-corruption behavior and social responsibility as a mechanism for combating corruption”

funded by the international organization “Integrity Action” registered in the UK and the program ERASMUS + K1 “Mobility of students, teachers and staff” in cooperation with the universities in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania.

Within the project “Expanding educational opportunities of the program Erasmus Mundus” (Erasmus Mundus Broadening Educational Opportunities) undergraduate and post-graduate students received scholarships for yearly study in Sweden, Estonia and Poland. The University provides training in cooperation with the universities in France and Poland, awarding double diplomas.

The University as a leading trade and economic higher educational institution in Ukraine formed its own schools and continues to develop training of specialists with high professional qualifications recognized at the national and international levels.

The University owns a single museum of choral music in Ukraine and a sports camp “Latorytsia”.

Foreign residents from Azerbaijan, Georgia, China, Uzbekistan and other countries study at University.


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Участь у міжнародній конференції

20 жовтня 2017 року у Житомирському державному технологічному університеті відбулася 12 міжнародна...

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Духовно-пізнавальна екскурсія

18 жовтня 2017 року за сприяння Спільноти академічного душпастирства університету (в особі...

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Про витоки та становлення козацького руху в Україні

17 жовтня 2017 року на базі НУ «Львівська політехніка» відбулася підсумкова наукова конференція...

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Research News

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Візит до Республіки Молдова

21-22 вересня 2017 року делегація університету у складі ректора, професора П. О. Куцика, проректора...

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Обираєте ЛТЕУ?



Оголошено конкурс

на заміщення посади директора Луцького кооперативного коледжу ЛТЕУ


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Козацькому роду нема переводу

17 жовтня 2017 року в університеті відбулося засідання круглого столу на тему "Козацькому роду...

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