Postgraduate / Doctoral Studies

Department of Postgraduate Studies is a structural unit of University, that is headed by Popkova Olha Mykolaivna.

The work of the department of postgraduate studies provides:

  • organization the work of postgraduate students, their active involvement in scientific and methodical seminars, conferences, round tables discussions;
  • facilitate exchange of experience, active interaction and cooperation with professors and postgraduate students of other universities;
  • carrying out the postgraduate readings that provide a comprehensive assessing the implementation of dissertations, raise the academic level, promote the diffusion of scientific approaches and research methods;
  • organization of educational process for candidates scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Postgraduate Studies operate in the following specialties:

051 – “Economics”;

056 – “International Economic Relations”;

071 – “Accounting and Taxation”;

072 – “Finance, Banking and Insurance”;

073 – “Management”;

075 – “Marketing”;

076 – “Business, trade and exchange activity’;

181 – “Food Technologyies”;

182 –“Technology of light industry.”

185 people are studying in postgraduate studies in the 2015/2016 academic year.

Doctoral Studies operate in three specialties:

08.00.09 – “Accounting, analysis and audit”;

08.00.03 – “Economics and management of national economy”;

08.00.04 – “Economics and business management.”



Tugan-Baranovsky str., 10, office. 221

tel .: (032) 295-81-18

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