Research Department

Research Division is a subdivision of Lviv University of Trade and Economic the aim of  which is to promote research activities and to prepare the younger generation of scientists.

Division activities focus on the following objectives:

  • to develop basic research in the field of economic, commodity, humanitarian and legal studies;
  • to promote scientific schools;
  • to review and draw up documents concerning the teaching staff training;
  • to monitor the implementation of research plans;
  • to organize and supervise the post-graduate studies;
  • to organize general-academic scientific events (conferences, seminars, round tables);
  • to support young scientists and gifted students’ research;
  • to inform the University employees of the promising areas, legal and organizational basis for research activities, to provide advice on organizational and technical implementation of scientific research;
  • to control the research plans development and their implementation;
  • to inform the students and scholars about the research activities of the University;
  • to register documents submitted for PhD and doctoral dissertations;
  • to edit articles for publication in periodic scientific journals of the University.

Responsible for the above mentioned objectives:

  • leading expert Khrystyna V. Kuzma, e-mail: naukovyy (at);
  • leading expert Oksana B. Osinska, e-mail: Osinska_oksana82 (at);
  • periodicals editor Nina O. Muravytska, e-mail: redactorlka (at), tel. (097) 55-38-220.


Address: 10, Tuhan-Baranovskyi Str., Room 221

Telephone: (032) 295-81-18

e-mail: naukovyy(at)