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Deputy Dean

  • Nataliia M. Kravtsiv
  • Oksana V. Poliovska

Leading Experts:

  • Nataliia M. Kravtsiv
  • Oksana V. Poliovska

Faculty Presentation

Leaflet in English 

How was it. Erasmus+ in Chech Republic. Maksym Yurchuk. (copy 1)

On September 18, 2018, an annual congress of students of Lviv University of Trade and Economics took place. During the event, reports of the students board were presented as well as the University Student Council elections were held. Oleg Boyko, a 3rd year student of the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technologies, majoring in International Economic Relations, was elected as the chairman of the Student Council. The staff and the students’ body of the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technologies are sincerely honoured to congratulate Oleg on his appointment to such a responsible position and wish him to be proactive, creative, and persistent in resolving all issues related to the organisation of student life in our University!

How was it. Erasmus+ in Chech Republic. Maksym Yurchuk.

This was my first departure abroad, so emotions simply overwhelmed me. From the outset, I considered this trip as an opportunity to discover something new to me, because not every day you are given the opportunity to study at a foreign university.

While studying in Pardubice I received very useful knowledge in my specialty, started a huge number of friends from all over the world, improved my English proficiency and studied Czech language at the A1 level. Our educational process was accompanied by various events, trips, theme nights, and so on. I can say that we were not given a boredom.

I would also like to note that we received a fairly large scholarship, which allowed us to travel to Europe and to fully enjoy our stay there.

I am indebted to LETU for such a trip, and all other students who want to go through the program Erasmus +, I wish success. This opportunity is once in a lifetime, so use it!

ERASMUS adventure Anzhelika Ibrahimova

Any trip abroad is always interesting, but if it's a whole semester of studying with students of different nationalities in a foreign university – it is better to say that you have a chance to unforgettable adventure!
I received an incredible experience was studying in English, was communicating with students from different parts of our planet (from Brazil to China), was gaining new skills, have got the opportunity to travel to Europe, got acquainted with the Czech mentality and traditions and also found new hobbies (poker and pool).
I want to note the developed infrastructure of the institution, which made my stay in the Czech Republic comfortable and enjoyable.
And, of course, the most awesome were different trips to popular Czech cities and a lot of thematic parties and events (ESN Orientation Week, Welcome Party, National Evenings every Thursday, Secret Santa's Party, Helloween Party, Sports Day, Pub Tour etc.).
I am grateful to the Lviv University of Trade and Economics for this great opportunity.

Foreign Internship

The vice-rector of scientific work Professor Bohdan Semak, the dean of faculty of international economic relations and informational technologies faculty Associate Professor Juliia Poliakova, the head of the department of mathematics and quantitative methods Professor Anatolii Pilyavskyi along with the Professor of management department Tetiana Skrypko on 6-10 of  November 2017 took part in the program of academic mobility for teachers in the framework of the ERASMUS+ staff mobility for teaching and training program and cooperation agreement with the University of  Pardubice (Czech Republic). During the internship period the representatives of  the teaching staff  met with the leaders of the University of Pardubice, taught a series of lectures for students in English dedicated to actual problems of economy development and enterprises management. Also teachers took part in student’s scientific conference held in celebration of the “week of economy theory and practice” and studied the experience of conducting career guidance activities in the University of  Pardubice.

On November 4th 2017 the head of the department of computer science, associate professor A. Kostenko and students of specialty “computer science and information technologies” visited an international conference “Al Big Data” with thematic sections such as “Data Science”, “Data Engineering”, “Workshop” where students had an opportunity to see the design of large databases, development of artificial intelligence and possibilities of their practical use.


The warm September has brought to the students of the Faculty of International Economic Relations not only the beginning of a new studying year, seeing back after the summer friends, groupmates, colleagues and teachers, but also an interesting event. Class of 2007 graduate, Ivan Hulka, who had completed the International Economic Relations study programme, has come to visit us. The IER department staff remembers him as a merry, carefree and curious student, yet instead we are meeting a respectable, impressive, and dignified but no less cheerful Marketing Director of the Canadian company Vestra Inet Internet Solutions. Ivan currently resides in Canada, so his visit has turned out to be an unexpectedly great occasion to introduce our students to the opportunities and perspectives that training at our Faculty reveals.

The students got motivated to responsibly master all required subjects, as the diploma issued by our University is the starting point, which leads to the heights of career success, even abroad. Of course, those who set themselves the goal of applying their professional skills in other countries should pay a great attention to foreign languages. When taking courses, it is necessary to be always looking for their applied value in respective professional activity. To sum up, Ivan emphasised that, in order to succeed, you need not only to get a degree, but also to constantly show perseverance, a desire for self-development and improvement.


The Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technologies is brand-new and modern, while our students are creative young people, with a great sense of humour, awesome singers , terrific video-presentations makers, and they are just the most beautiful, the most talented and the most amazing!

We are proud of the bright performance of our faculty team “WHAT'S UP?” in the “STUDENT SUMMER” contest in Lviv University of Trade and Economics.


The spectacular Lviv June took on the City of Lviv has welcomed third-year student of "International Economic Relations" Nadiia Havryliak with hot embrace of June from Poland. There, Nadiia had semester of studying in the framework of the ERASMUS + program and the agreement with Lodz University (Republic of Poland). This is not the first ftrip abroad for young international student, as she has already had to represent LUTE in Bulgaria and Rwanda.


Marta Martin, a third-year student of "International Economic Relations" department was part of a semester of studying in Wroclaw, as participant of ERASMUS + program, in the framework of agreement on cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Economics (Republic of Poland).


In the end of June, the student of the 3rd year of the "International Economic Relations" Bogdan Pik returned from the Czech Republic, where he was a member of the "Erasmus + CA1 - International Credit Mobility" program with the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), funded by the European Union and the National Agency Erasmus +.

Computer Science students participated in the ERASMUS+ programme in the Czech Republic

What is the ERASMUS+ programme? It is an amazing opportunity and invaluable experience. The news of having the honour to represent our University in the Czech Republic made our joy impossible to contain. Beyond doubt, there was a hard time of preparing all necessary documents; however we quickly overcame it all, full of enthusiasm.

Until the last, it was difficult to believe that we are no longer in the mother Ukraine but far away from its borders, standing at the heart of Europe with a standard set of a student, a pen and a notebook in our hands.
It was easy to get used to the European educational system, and we vigorously hit the Czech grindstone as willing students (by the way, we can state that our grindstone of knowledge is sweeter, probably because it is closer to our hearts).

All the difficulties that arose were resolved fairly quickly. A pleasant bonus of our studies at the University of Pardubice was a large scholarship, which gave us the possibility to see almost the whole of Europe.

We left Ukraine for 5 long months, so we felt homesick and missed our native land and our beloved ones a lot. When abroad you think over your attitude to everything: to the studies, people, policies and even those "pieces of paper" called money.

We are sincerely grateful to Lviv University of Trade and Economics for this invaluable experience and wish good luck to all students who will get the chance to participate in this, no exaggeration, unique programme.

The "International" Faculty Staff Discussed Actual Problems of Modern Economy

On May 11, 2017 a plenary meeting of the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technology was held within the annual University conference "Actual Problems of Economics and Trade in Modern Conditions of European Integration”. The moderators of the event were Vice-Rector in Scientific Research, Dr. Sci., Prof. Bohdan B. Semak and Dean of the Faculty of Economic Relations and IT, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Juliia V. Poliakova. According to the programme, five reports were presented by the Faculty leading researchers: Dr. Sci., Prof. Yurii A. Dainovskyi, Dr. Sci., Prof. Mariia I. Fleichuk, Ph.D., Prof. Stanislav V. Skybinskyi, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Juliia V. Poliakova, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Anatolii V. Kostenko.

Presenters showed originality of thought, a high level and practical orientation of the research. Scientific achievements of the faculty teaching staff are recommended to publishing in impact factor academic journals belonging to scientific databases as well as they ought to be used during preparation of scientific and methodical materials, online distance courses and in teaching. Moderators of the meeting wished the conference participants inspiration and fruitful scientific work in favour of the university and the new discoveries and achievements.

Students Discussed Modern Economy in English

On April 5, 2017 Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law hosted the IX Annual All-Ukrainian Students' Conference “Foreign Languages in Use: Academic and Professional Aspects”. The key topics were: modern economy, management and public administration; legal, linguistic and country studies aspects. The event brought together representatives of universities of different cities of our country, as well as Belarus and Poland. Lviv University of Trade and Economics was represented by a 3rd year student of the International Economic Relations and Information Technologies Faculty Oksana Prots who presented at the plenary session the report in English: "Foreign Investments in Lviv Region: Today and Tomorrow" (Language consultant: Andriy Stepanov, senior teacher).

On March 23, 2017, first-year students majoring in "International Economic Relations" visited Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv National Scientific Library of Ukraine

Nowadays educated young people should master all means of finding any necessary information. New technologies and gadgets simplify access to electronic versions of the required information sources. But our city libraries make it possible to dive into the unique atmosphere of communication with REAL PRINTED BOOKS. On March 23, 2017, first-year students majoring in "International Economic Relations" visited Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv National Scientific Library of Ukraine in terms of the studying course "Fundamentals of Scientific Research" (Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Julia V. Polyakova). During the tour, the students had the opportunity to get to know the history of the institution, rules of using library funds, and examined unique book collections.

The students got access to information on advanced functions of the institution arising from its status as an all-national level research institution, a custodian of unique monuments of Ukrainian and world book culture, a powerful information, analytical and educational centre.

Promoting the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technology

November 18, 2016 a meeting of the faculty teaching staff with Khodoriv high school graduates took place. Career guidance was offered to potential applicants by the Dean of the Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Julia Polyakova, Head of the Department of Mathematics and Quantitative Methods Prof. Anatoliy Pilyavskyy, and department members Assoc. Prof. Oleksandra Kisilevych, Assoc. Prof. Zoryana Mozhyrovska.

During the meeting, high school students were introduced to the rules of admission to Lviv University of Trade and Economics, University specialties, in particular those offered by the faculty, teaching materials, distance courses, further career opportunities. The pupils were also informed of the prospects of participating in international exchange programs, as well as about possibilities of internships in Poland.

We invite all Faculty graduates to take part in the Congress, which will be held on October 7, 2016 at 12 am. For further details please contact by phone: 295-81-93, 097 900 03 43.

On May 13, 2016 a plenary meeting was held at the Faculty of International Economic Relations within the conference of professors and post-graduate students of Lviv University of Trade and Economics under the topic: "Actual Problems of Economics and Trade in Modern Conditions of European Integration".

The meeting was attended by professors and post-graduate students of the faculty. Delegates to the conference discussed the challenges and future directions of science, including issues of innovative development of the national economy, innovative products market, actual problems of philology, modern approaches to the development and administration of massive open online courses, ways to improve educational services in terms of European integration and more.

Students of International Economic Relations Faculty Oksana Prots and Nadiуa Havryliak (group 281) participated in the conference “Legal and Law Enforcement Activity: European Experience and Ukrainian Reality”, which was held on April 1 at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. The participants presented their papers in English on the following topics: Oksana Prots – “Prevention of Cybercrime in Ukraine”, Nadiуa Havryliak – “Living in a Fishbowl”. Language consulting was provided by Foreign Languages Department senior teachers: Andriy Stepanov, Nataliia Zaishla, Lesia Tymochko.

Training Abroad

On March 15-18, 2016, Inna Boichuk, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor of Marketing Department, participated in a training course organized by the Academic Society of Michal Baluďanský (Bratislava, Slovakia) and obtained an international certificate of completing a training programme in innovative methods and approaches in education.

Student Research Achievements at the Faculty of International Economic Relations

"May the best win!"

This was the slogan of the Ukrainian Student Contest in Marketing, English Language and Economic Cybernetics.

The participants of the faculty competition were the most talented, creative and intelligent students engaged in extra-curriculum activities, interested in science and wishing to express their intellectual abilities and professional skills.

The winners of the Contest are:

speciality "Marketing":

  • 1st place - Alisa Vakoliuk, group 6111;
  • 2nd place - Mariia Korol, group 6111;
  • 3rd place - Nataliia Dusyn, group 6111.

speciality "Economic Cybernetics":

  • 1st place - Nazar Lahotskyi, group 421.

subject "English Language":

  • 1st place - Yuliia Kozlova, group 171;
  • 2nd place - Oleksii Havrylov, group 281;
  • 3rd place - Mark Makarenko, group 281.

The winners of the First stage will participate in the National stage and compete with the strongest students from different universities of Ukraine.

The Contest organizers sincerely thank all the participants and congratulate the winners wishing them good luck, inspiration and many future victories.

On February 26, 2016, students of International Economic Relations visited the Lviv Chamber of Commerce. The event took place under the guidance of the lecturer Juliia V. Poliakova, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Economics. The group met with the leading expert of International Cooperation Department Liudmyla Gorbachova. As the students study the subject "International Customs Controls", they got acquainted with the main activities of the Chamber of Commerce, in particular those regarding the assistance of business entities in the field of international trade.

“Brainy Quotes Will Teach Us a Lot”

On December 3, 2015, members of the Student Scientific Society of International Economic Relations Faculty gathered for a round table meeting to discuss urgent issues of modern world economy. The topics of presentations were based on quotes of well-known people, scholars, and businessmen. The given information was interesting and useful, which encouraged a scientific discussion.

Students of the International Economic Relations Faculty Learned More about European Business

On November 30, 2015, International Relations students attended a lecture by Rudolf Kitz (Austria), Master of Law from the University of Vienna, board member of ICT Center AG Zürich, Ph.D. student of Lviv Academy of Commerce. The lecture was devoted to the problems of mergers and acquisitions of international companies.

First Academic Achievements of Our Freshmen

First-year students of the speciality "Advertising and PR» (group 1211) participated in the National Contest of Advertisements entitled "We support Ukrainian goods!", which was held in Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Commerce. The students presented 12 creative advertisements to promote the sale and consumption of domestic products.

Best Student of the Region Awards

On November 19, 2015, celebrations on the occasion of the Best Student of the Region Awards took place in the premises of the assembly hall of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. One of the award winners was Tetiana Klimova, a master degree student of International Economic Relations Faculty, whose research achievements were highly appreciated by the jury.

Autumn Construction Forum

On October 6, 2015, fourth-year students of Marketing, under the guidance of their lecturer Associate Professor, Ph.D. Inna Boichuk, visited Lviv Autumn Construction Forum. 

Creating a European Image

From 12 to 14 June 2014, Dean of the Faculty of International Economic Relations, Inna Boichuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing Department, took part in the international scientific conference "Europe in Podlaskie, Podlaskie in Europe - 10 years of Poland's membership in the European Union." The event was held at the Higher School of Computer Science and Enterprise in Łomża (Poland).

Being a Student of the Faculty of International Economic Relations of Lviv Academy of Commerce is Your Confident Step into the Future

On November 30, 2013, a solemn celebration took place on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of International Economic Relations.

Faculty graduates sent their video congratulations to the staff and students on the occasion of the Faculty’s 20th anniversary. The podcasts are on the website.


The Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technology of Lviv University of Trade and Economics was established in 1993 and provides training of students in the following areas: "International Economic Relations", "International Business", "Marketing", "Economic Cybernetics", "Computer Science", "Advertising and Public Relations".

The faculty comprises 5 departments:

  • Department of International Economic Relations;
  • Department of Marketing;
  • Department of Foreign Languages;
  • Department of Higher Mathematics and Quantitative Methods;
  • Department of Computer Science.

All of the above mentioned university divisions are headed by leading Ukrainian scientists and researchers in the respective fields.

Faculty teachers constantly improve their skills through internships and training in leading educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad (e.g. the US, UK, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic), through participation in international scientific conferences, doctoral and post-doctoral studies.

Preparation of specialists at the faculty involves the use of computer technologies, which allows students to work on an individual task, coursework, project work, do research, and perform master’s degree theses. For certain subjects, it is common to take exams in the test form on personal computers. The University has an electronic library; there are opportunities to use the Internet and the distance courses on the platform MOODLE. There are sufficient technical means to support the learning; the Academy has a library, gyms, sports grounds and student hostels.

Due to the high level of teaching and owing to the subjects offered for learning, the students will be qualified enough to easily navigate the complex issues of modern market economy, to efficiently solve problems in an enterprise, to fluently use computer technologies, to have a good command of foreign languages (including business communication), to professionally deal with different phenomena in the world and national economy.


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