Department of Foreign Languages

Department Chair

Nataliia V. Kovalyk, associate professor, Ph.D. in Philology (Ukraine)

Department Administration

Department Overview

The Department of Foreign Languages, established in 1941, is a core department of the faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technology. It is dedicated to offering students the opportunity to develop proficiency in one or more languages other than English. By mastering a second or third language, students enhance their understanding of other peoples and cultures, both past and present.

The Department provides education in the area of Romance, Germanic and Western Slavonic Languages at the educational levels of Bachelor and Master (full-time education) offering such courses as "General Foreign Language (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Czech)", "Foreign Language for Specific Purposes (English, German, French)", "Foreign Language for Speciality (English, German, French)", "Foreign Language for Business (English, German, French)", "Second Foreign Language (English, German, French, Spanish)" and "Third Foreign Language (Polish, Czech)".

Since 2015 the Department has been offering the course of "English for Ph.D. Students" for Doctoral Studies (aspirantura) in economic area (full-time course).

Languages Offered

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Czech

Department Staff

  • Nataliia Kovalyk, associate professor, Ph.D. in Philology (Ukraine)
  • Nataliia M. Demchuk, associate professor, Ph.D. in Philology (Ukraine)
  • Dosia M. Dubravska, associate professor, Ph.D. in Psychology (Ukraine)
  • Ivanna I. Barnych, senior teacher
  • Oleksandra A. Bereziuk, senior teacher
  • Nataliia O. Zaishla, senior teacher
  • Andrii V. Stepanov, senior teacher, Ph.D. candidate
  • Lesia M. Tymochko, senior teacher
  • Solomiia S. Kost, teacher, Ph.D. candidate
  • Oksana Onufryk, teacher


The Department’s academic and research work covers a broad range of philological and pedagogical issues, inter alia traditional and cognitive linguistics, word formation, historical and modern lexicology and lexicography, language sign semantics, modelling of electronic lexical objects, logical semiotics, linguostylistics, linguostatistics, semantics and pragmatics of negation in language, innovative methods of teaching foreign languages, researches in the field of Western Slavonic literature etc.

The Department staff research results are published in the domestic and foreign journals. Moreover, the Department teachers have authored numerous educational and methodological works, they edit and co-edit collective publications, inter alia coursebooks, textbooks, terminological glossaries etc.

The Department staff organizes students’ scientific research also.

Educational Process

The Department staff teaches practical foreign languages courses according to the approved curriculum. The courses that are taught by the staff of the Department are provided with necessary programs, teaching complexes, tasks for the current and final module tests for each discipline.

The Department staff is active in e-learning system Moodle. It contains the electronic versions of practical tasks for workshops. This system is used for the current and final module tests. The Department staff combines electronic and printed means of control.

Department Partners

The Department Staff has excellent relationships with the outside communities and is engaged in scientific and educational cooperation and exchange of teachers and students with departments of foreign languages, language centers and language agencies, inter alia Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv), Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, National University "Lviv Polytechnic", Ukrainian National Forestry University (Lviv), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya National University, Modern European Languages Centre of Lviv Academy of Commerce, British Council and Goethe-Institute in Ukraine, Natalia Diachuk’s Agency of Foreign Languages, Lviv Dinternal Book Agency, Lviv "L’Alliance Française", Spanish Language Centre of Lviv, Polish Language Centre of Lviv,  Czech Language Centre of Lviv etc. 


Our Address:
2a, Tershakovtsiv Str., Room 517, 79008  Lviv  Ukraine

Contact Us:
tel.: +38 (032) 2958191


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