Department of International Economic Relations

The Head of Department

Victor O. Shevchuk, Professor, Doctor of Economics  

Department Administration

  • Deputy Chair for Educational Process — Larysa A.Yaremko, Professor, Doctor of Economics
  • Deputy Chair for Research — Tetyana P.Yachno, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Economics

About Department:

Speciality «International Economic Relations» started functioning from the 1991. Department of International Economic Relations was established on Summer 2000  by merging of the Department of Marketing and the Department of Foreign Economic Affairs to improve the educational process.

The Department trains specialists in the field of International Economic Relations.

Department of International Economic Relations – is an energetic, dedicated and competent team of academic professionals, creative ways of teaching, compliance with the European Standards of education.


Find out more  about content, style and methods of studying by an example of the following training course.

Staff of Department

The Department of International Economic relations works on such main areas

I.Educational – methodical activity.
II. Scientific and research activity.
III. Upbringing Activity.

The areas of scientific and applied research

The areas of specialists scientific and applied research in the sphere of international economic relations,  foreign policy elaboration, analysis, forecasting and regulation of economic cooperation are very diverse. There are a few of them:

  • Analysis of Ukraine’s domestic product competitiveness in the world market.
  • The problems of Ukraine's integration into the European Union.
  • Ukraine in the system of international regulation of economic relations.
  • Implementation of the National Competitiveness in a Globalizing Economy.
  • Analysis of Ukraine’s Foreign Economic Relations .
  • European Integration process.
  • The problems of the formulation and implementation of Ukraine’s foreign policy .
  • The impact of price and non-price factors on the Income Balance and the Balance of Payments.
  • The Balance of Payments monetary effect on  open market operation.
  • The principles of non-tariff regulation using in Ukraine.
  • Human capital formation and sustainable development.
  • International labour migration.

Scientific schools

Scientific school «The Balance of Payments problems in the dependent Economy model» operates successfully. ( headman – Professor V.  Shevchuk).

In the process of becoming are such schools as:



The teachers of department prof. Victor Shevchuk and doc. Miroslava Chekh had actively participated in 24-th Polish-Slovak-Ukrainian Scientific Seminar “Statistical Methods in Socio-Economic Research – Theory and Application ”, which was held in Dobczyce (Poland) during October 10-13, 2017. For a more detailed .pdf


The spectacular Lviv June took on the City of Lviv has welcomed third-year student of "International Economic Relations" Nadiia Havryliak with hot embrace of June from Poland. There, Nadiia had semester of studying in the framework of the ERASMUS + program and the agreement with Lodz University (Republic of Poland). This is not the first ftrip abroad for young international student, as she has already had to represent LUTE in Bulgaria and Rwanda. Want to learn about her impressions of another international educational project? Then go to the link. Then go to the link.


International Relations student Marta Martyn: "The Semester in Wroclaw was unforgettable" Marta Martin, a third-year student of "International Economic Relations" department was part of a semester of studying in Wroclaw, as participant of ERASMUS + program, in the framework of agreement on cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Economics (Republic of Poland). You can find out about her impressions of staying in a beautiful historical city in a community of clever and creative young people by following this link.


In the end of June, the student of the 3rd year of the "International Economic Relations" Bogdan Pik returned from the Czech Republic, where he was a member of the "Erasmus + CA1 - International Credit Mobility" program with the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), funded by the European Union and the National Agency Erasmus +. The interesting episodes from his bright educational "Czech" period of studying can be read here.


On 13th  and 20th of June at the Faculty of IER and IT students of International economic relations specialty have had their complex state exam. The students completed the final qualifying exams on the disciplines "International Economic Relations" and "International Trade".

Traditionally, students who have achieved the highest results in the study of disciplines and took first place in the corresponding ratings were awarded. This year the winner was the 481group student Irina Laba, who according to the results of 2016-2017 academic year got the first place in the educational rating in both the discipline «International economic relations» and «International trade». On behalf of the Head of Department Prof. Victor Shevchuk and the whole staff, associate Prof. Sergii Semiv presented the leader a memorable prize - the pen Parker.

Congratulations to the winner of the rating and all the students of the course! We wish you good health, happiness and further success in your studies and professional activities!


First year students of the specialty "International Economic Relations" study the discipline "Foreign Policy of Ukraine". Would you like to get know more about the educational process  of this course? Well, more detailed information is here  is here.


Keeping with the pace of modern time, the department of International economic relations is trying to do its best in order to make use of sophisticated education technologies, combining access to teaching materials of various kind, interactive data bases and other Internet resources, problem tasks, homework assignments and tests. As a result, there is a virtuous incredible multiplication of communication in the class with an instructor who is well-motivated and professional. A computer-based distance learning platform MOODLE allows for a continuous process of studying almost everywhere and at any time, for instance, at a party that went sour (a joke) or after a promising date.

During a final semester class on International Finance, which had taken place on June 1st, 2017, students of the masters’ degree program were given an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills at answering a quiz, including analytical tasks and forecasts, discuss the results in detail with Myroslava Czech, an instructor. On the whole, IT-equipped teaching facilities at our University not only provide an access to relevant internet resources (it is not a mind-boggling feature anymore), but allow for something much more important, i.e. interactive visualization of teaching materials (most of them are available on the distance learning platform) or such an innovative format of communication between student and teacher when even a pause is not a waste of time !!!

To get more information, please feel free to access the course in a guest mode at


Teachers of the department Makohin Zoryana and Chekh Myroslava took part in a cultural and educational visit to Europe. This project is intended to initiate the teachers and youth with peculiarities of education and culture in some European countries. The Visit had been started from the 6th International Sciencific Conference Problem and Prospects of Territiries' Socio-Economic, which was organized by  Academy of Management and Administration in Opole (Poland). Teachers also visited the educational institutions in Poland and Germany: Jagiellonian University (Krakow), Technical University in Katowice, Humboldt University of Berlin and others. During the visit to Brussels (Belgium) there was given an opportunity to enter the building of the European Parliament and the European Commission and participate in distance excursion, aimed to familiarize with their activities. Finally, the teachers received the certificates of participant of international project.

Defense of semester paper!

3 year students of international economic relations and information technologies faculty have defended their semester paper in International economic relations. Students not only presented original researches on different topics but also demonstrated their skills in preparing high-quality and informative presentations and public speeches. Comprehensive knowledge of students and scientific interest to the research of colleagues, allowed to "revitalize" the process of defense and to maximize its usefulness for the general educational process.

The list of topics of semester paper is updated on an annual basis. In the current academic year, the most "popular" among students were the topics concerned:

  • the advantages of European integration for the technological development of the post-Soviet countries;
  • debt problems of developing countries;
  • the implications of BREXIT for the euro area countries;
  • influence of fluctuations of exchange rate euro-dollar;
  • problems of re-industrialization in the modern world.

Prof. Shevchuk Victor of the International Economic Relations Department had participa¬ted in the research conference “The Role of Central Banks in Economic Development,  held on May 18-19th 2017 at the National Bank of Ukraine in cooperation with the National Bank of Poland, with financial support of the Government of Canada and the Kyiv School of Economics. For a more detailed .pdf

For a more detailed information about the Conference, please assess  its web page at

28 Dec 2016 held a scientific-pedagogical seminar at the Department of international economic relations, "the Use of technical possibilities of the Educational-scientific information Institute (rm. 121) for innovations in the educational process". Professor V.  Shevchuk on the specific material analyzed several directions of modernization of the educational process through the content analysis of video and audio materials, implementation of the concept of problem-oriented lectures, application tasks and workshops. It was noted the advantages of problem-oriented lectures that necessarily involves the analysis of the answers to the homework, review to the new material, comments for the upcoming homework. An equally important element of modernization of the educational process are given quests when the teacher poses the problem and the student finds the answers using Internet resources.


February 21, 2017 at Lviv University of trade and economics the lecturer of the faculty of management and tourism at Wrocław University of Economics Jerzy Ladysz within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme for students of the faculty of international economic relations and information technologies and Institute of Economics and Finance gave a series of the lectures relevant to the themes:


  • Monetary integration. The case of Eurozone.
  • European financial integration. Common budget.
  • Regional/ cohesion policy. Spatial income disparities. Economic, social and territorial cohesion.
  • European territorial cooperation.

Our students and teachers are always happy to get new knowledge about modern trends of integration processes and to communicate with representatives of educational sector of EU countries!


Masters of "International economic relations" specialty of 2017 release have completed their studies. Are already in a neat stack in the audience protected thesis in new bindings, read-heard all the reports, worries are behind, and social networks are spreading pictures of smiling, happy GRADUATED SPECIALISTS. As always, for them it is happy and a little sad... But the winter is about to end, a few days spring will come into its own, and the bright rays of the spring sun will generously illuminate our best internationalists the way into adult and independent life.

Department of international economic relations congratulates the graduates with the completion of the studies and wishes to be a successful, positive and happy!


International economic relations – the sphere of dynamic, multidimensional, strategic from the point of view of the interests of each state. Therefore, requires for its study and development of all the highly complex mechanisms of the international system relevant professionals: ambitious, creative, confident, and such that it is able to correctly formulate and defend their point of view, backed by her convincing arguments and (why not?) the power of her charm. On the 3rd year on specialty IER studies a girl who repeatedly has demonstrated her knowledge, ability competently to present it, the perfect knowledge of  foreign language in various research activities envisaged for Nadia a way out into the international arena.

So, from June until September 2016 on campus, in the town of Dobrich (Bulgaria), Varna University of Management hosted the student exchange program Erasmus+, which had attracted students from more than 10 countries from Europe and Asia. Participation in this event was attended our student Nadia Havryliak.

And in September 2016 Nadia participated in the Global forum on "Cooperatives and youth", which was supported by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and the Central cooperative Union of Bulgaria in Nesebar (Bulgaria). Together with Emin Ahmedov, an employee of the Central apparatus of Ukrcoopunion, Nadia presented a paper on “We are 150, but we are young,” in which she talked about the state of youth policy in the system Ukrcoopunion, educational institutions, systems and mechanisms to attract students to cooperative universities to work at the enterprises and organizations of consumer cooperation of Ukraine.

And at the end of October 2016, Nadia’s geography of scientific travels reached Africa. From October 28 to November 1 in Rwanda was the Second African Cooperative Conference, during which it was possible to find African cooperative system and to present Ukrainian co-operative education that will further deepen the cooperation between African and Ukrainian universities and will attract African students.

It was Nadia who provided quality translation and easy communication with representatives of international cooperative organizations, which visited us on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to the 150th  anniversary of the creation of the first consumer society in Ukraine and the 200th  anniversary since founding of Lviv University of Trade and Economics.

Specialty "International economic relations" by right can be proud that such a young but already quite confident and incredibly attractive female student represent the Lviv University of Trade and Economics in the international arena!


Lviv University of Trade and Economics is one of the oldest educational institutions for training specialists of commercial Affairs celebrated the 200th  anniversary of the foundation.

Department of international economic relations, which in the walls of this famous University provides training for graduates who are familiar with all subtleties of business, economic development and financial intelligence in the modern world, gladly joined the celebration of this momentous event.
The teachers of the Department of IER were extremely pleased to receive diplomas and certificates of the University. Did not go unnoticed and achievements of students of international relations such as Oksana Prots Mark Makarenko, Anzhelika Ibrahimova, whose scientific and social activities were also noted by diplomas of the University. An award named after the head of the Department of international economic relations Professor Victor Shevchuk received the master Yaryna Umrysh.

Among the festive events deserves the attention the international scientific-practical conference devoted to the 150th  anniversary of the first consumer society in Ukraine and the 200th  anniversary since the founding of the LUTE "150 years of consumer cooperation of Ukraine: assessing the past, shaping the future", which took place within the walls of LUTE on 13 December 2016.  In the conference actively participated IER Department teachers. So, the moderator of the third plenary session was Professor Maria Fleychuk, and Professor Victor Shevchuk and Associate Professor Sergii Semiv demonstrated presentations during the panel discussion. And, of course, the 3rd year IER students who greeted representatives of international cooperative organizations with bread and salt graced this powerful scientific event. And our young Nadia Havryliak (381 group) provided a professional translation of the reports of foreign visitors.

Wonderful final chord of the celebration was the solemn Academy at the Lviv national academic theater of Opera and ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska, during which there were words of welcome of the rector, professors, patrons, guests and representatives of local and state government.

The Department of IER is proud to recognize themselves as part of one of the oldest Lviv Universities and hopes to continue the tradition of training highly qualified specialists for centuries to come!


During the celebration of the 200th  anniversary of Lviv University of Trade and Economic hosts many events that aim to present the scientific potential of our University, to introduce the traditions of the educational process and cultural development of our students, to reveal all the possibilities of innovative approaches to learning and teaching, and, of course, to outline the prospects of self-realization, employability and confidence in the future, which are open to graduates of LUTE. So, on the eve of this solemn date the Department of international economic relations organized the meeting for the students of international relations with Alexander Chornyi, an ex-graduate of our Department, who with pleasure can be  remembered as one of the best of his time students. Alexander Chornyi  is a program Director, business development manager of an IT company Perfectial, he has an interesting experience in science, business intelligence, at the time, worked at the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, in addition, was trained in the scholarship Program named after Edmund S. Maski in the United States. Alexander invited his colleague Elizabeth Alexeyeva, who is head of information and analytical Department of MBO "Ecology- Law-People " and engaged in issues of environmental law in Ukraine, and at the time also improved her knowledge by studying under the Program Maski in the United States.

It was a really lively and interesting conversation of successful young people with a young, but motivated to become successful students of the specialty of international economic relations. Guests talked about the opportunities that open up to graduates who are fluent in foreign language and versed in the problems of the international economy, and also shared the experience of their foreign training and opportunities to practically implement the acquired knowledge in Ukraine.

In the end it was decided that there were many more questions that students would like to discuss, and Alexander and Elizabeth could for them to disclose. Therefore, such meetings will hold in the future. To be continued!


Autumn is a special time in the life of every student. Again starting school, you need to attend classes, prepare individual assignments, pass the tests - in short, to gain knowledge. Obviously, along with this, some can find certain temptations: some can not go to a lecture, not to make presentation, not to be prepared for the seminar... to tell long story short, the learning process requires students a lot of physical and undoubtedly mental efforts.

So a lovely autumn day on 4 November 2016 students of the institutes went on a trip that turned out to be extremely interesting and useful from all points of view. They visited the monastery of St. Nicholas in Krekhiv. The magnificent scenery of the Golden-November Lviv, informative tour of the first cave cells of monks, able to venerate the miraculous icons and to touch the spiritual treasure of the Ukrainian people, - no doubt, all this will provide our diplomats with an unforgettable experience and spiritual inspiration for the entire academic year.


Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of IER Maria I. Fleychuk has gained a great love of students of international relations and the respect of work colleagues. It super positive energy, fantastic diligence, scientific maturity are, in fact, one of the competitive advantages of the Department of international economic relations. So we are happy for our colleague, to whom this autumn of 2016 was a great experience. In September 2016, Maria Fleychuk was awarded the diploma of academician of Academy of Sciences of Higher school of Ukraine!

And on October 10-13, 2016 Maria I. visited Canada in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, where the meeting of the General Assembly of the International Cooperative Alliance and the international Cooperative Summit. Well, we can wish our young but already such an eminent scientist the new scientific achievements!


Students majoring in international affairs are marked not only by perseverance in study but also by social activity. So, a social action which was conducted throughout the Ukraine on the occasion of the world day of fight against AIDS did not leave them indifferent. 24 November took place the meeting of students of the specialty "International economic relations" with social worker of the Municipal Institution "Lviv regional center for prevention and fight with AIDS" Anna A. Zharovska. Because, unfortunately, Ukraine remains a country with a high prevalence of HIV infection among the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, such meetings with the youth are essential. Because it gives you the opportunity to raise awareness about HIV and promote responsible behavior.

Moreover, on November 26th  of 2016 our  students-internationalists such as Mark Makarenko, Darina Marzcinko, Bogdan Pik and Anton Kabarovskyi took part in  the campaign "don't trust the words – get tested for HIV", which was held in hypermarket AUCHAN, during which it was conducted a free and anonymous voluntary counselling and testing for HIV, viral hepatitis B and C and syphilis for everyone. Well, it is obvious that through this event more people will begin to take responsibility for their own health and the health of their loved ones. And this has contributed to our students.


November 21, 2016, the first year students of the specialty "International economic relations" and Associate Professor of IER S. R.  Semiv visited Lviv chamber of Commerce and Industry. Students have been familiarized with the specifics of the Lviv chamber of Commerce and Industry, which in 2010 celebrated its 160th  anniversary. The Lviv CCI is currently the most influential organization for business support in the region and is a reliable support for entrepreneurs in the protection of their interests. Its partners are about a thousand of the most famous companies in the region, it has direct partnership relations with the chambers of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Students had the opportunity to see the activities of various departments of the Lviv ССI, dealing with international cooperation, asset valuation, PR-support and advertising, examination and certification, language translations, bar coding, registration of trademarks, provision of training and seminars, comprehensive export support. The specialists of the Lviv CCI has provided qualified answers to the numerous questions of the students.

As for a gift from the Lviv CCI  the students received copies of the magazine "economic courier". The opportunity to get acquainted with the practice of influential foreign economic institutions and to talk to leading experts made a lasting impression on students.


On 18 November a meeting of students of the specialty "International economic relations" with the representative of international youth organization AIESEC Oleg Lavin was held.

He introduced with the main activities of AIESEC to our young internationalists – the international platform for young people, which allows to discover and develop their leadership potential. This is a non-political, independent, non-profit organization, operated by students and recent graduates who are interested in world issues, leadership and management.

In particular more details Oleg told about the internship program “Global Volunteer”, which gives you the opportunity to become a volunteer in the selected country and for 6 weeks to work on a solution to one of Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Of course for internationalists who have a good command of foreign languages, acquainted with all important foreign policy and foreign economic trends, information on opportunities for international internships is impossible not to be interested in. Сooperation is in perspective!

19 September 2016 the students and teachers of the Department of international Economics attended the open lecture of doctor of organizational management Daryl McCarthy on "Global trends in higher education" which took place at the Lviv University of Trade and Economics. The internationalists are always open to the perception of the relevant information that concerns the education, business policies and all spheres of public life in general. Moreover,  internationalists are fluent in English, and the 3rd year student Nadia Havryliak doesn’t need the services of an interpreter in order to ask the Professor from the US about the issues that arose during the perception of the lecture material.


Good news from Yarina Umrysh - the charming student of masters of specialty "International economic relations"! Yarina took part in the contest of essays "the University of my dream" organized by the magazine, "I'm STUDENT". Her work is "Everything that exists in the world once was  a dream," entered the top three and was published in No. 7/8 of 2016. Department of international economic relations congratulates our talented, active, smart and just the best Yarina and wishes her never to stop dreaming, to produce a lot of interesting ideas and successfully to bring them to life!


The Department of international economic relations held a preliminary defence of the candidate dissertation of Olga R. Rybchynska on the theme "State regulation of the market of renewable energy sources in energy-dependent countries" (supervisor doctor of Economics, Professor Victor O. Shevchuk ). It is more than the actual subject, a logical and reasoned statement about the basic tenets of her research, but also the lively scientific debate that ensued after the lecture of a young scientist Olga Rybchynska is a clear indication that the Department of IER has been developing and promising solution to scientific problems, preparing qualified scientific personnel who can adequately demonstrate their ability to apply the results of their research in a practical way. Details of the presentation of the dissertation research can be found here.


So, four years, eight semesters, countless educational hours and lots of tests and examinations passed. State exams are even already behind. Therefore, the Department of IER congratulates yesterday's fourth year, and now certified bachelors in international economic relations.

We wish them a good summer, bright impressions and unusual adventures. It is guaranteed to have such an incredible and emotional summer, positive start in the master's degree to today's bachelors in international relations!


16-19 June 2016 the General Assembly of Euro Coop was held in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (the Netherlands) which was attended by participants from 27 European countries (including Ukraine), as well as Israel.
Ukrainian side was represented by the Chairman of Ukrcoopunion I. Gorokhovskyi and Professor of Department of international economic relations of the Lviv University of Trade and Economic M. Fleychuk. There were discussed pressing issues of development of consumer cooperation in Europe as a whole and at the level of national unions during the Assembly. Were conducted a series of presentations showing the experience of introduction of new technologies in consumer cooperation. Particularly noteworthy innovations in the activities of the national unions of Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, UK, etc.

In addition to the extremely effective work during the substantive sessions of the meeting of the General Assembly, the receiving part has provided an extremely rich educational-cultural programme (visiting co-op stores, supermarkets, Euro Coop  headquarters and discovering the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam), the apogee of which was the grand celebration at the stadium of national importance GELREDOME, Arnhem (which at the time was a stage for  T. Turner, B. Spears, Madonna, Queen and other famous artists). Individual performers and groups of European importance also came to congratulate the cooperators. The celebration was attended by over 20 thousand participants, supporters of the cooperative movement.


Students of the 4th  year of the specialty "international economic relations" are almost ready bachelors. So very soon they will have to try to apply the knowledge acquired in the process of learning in practice. Without a doubt, business games  is a very useful teaching technique which should be used in the educational process. They allow students to simulate situations that require the practical application of the acquired knowledge, to try to find ways of solving problems and to evaluate their effectiveness.

Students of 481 group have conducted a practical exercise in the form of a business game on the subject "Diplomatic Protocol and etiquette" (lecturer – prof. Shaida O.), envisaging the need to hold diplomatic negotiations. Students have tried to approximate the situation they model to the realities of our lives. They tried to recreate the negotiations, the diplomatic representatives of foreign investors with the authorities of the city of Lviv.

It looked very convincing and the students demonstrated their diplomatic skills not only during negotiations but also during the responses to the questions of "journalists" who were their groupmates who did not take a direct part in the negotiations.


The defense of the coursework is extremely important in the educational process of students of the specialty of international economic relations. The coursework is the opportunity to demonstrate how well the student can apply the knowledge obtained during the studying disciplines and acquire certain skills required for their specialty. Therefore, the performance of coursework on discipline "International economic relations" at the Department of international economic relations lend themselves particularly seriously. You have the opportunity to watch the process. On the photo: that how it looks the discussion of coursework  that students of the 3rd  course are preparing to defend.

Lecturer, the head of Department of international economic relations, Professor Shevchuk V. makes recommendations regarding the concept of work, Assoc. Prof. Vasylytsua O.  helps to conduct an empirical researches and correctly explain the results.

Thus, professional experience + creativity of young internationalists = high-quality scientific study, which may in the future become the basis for participation in competition of student's scientific works!


The semester is coming to an end, lectures are done, individual assignments are made, all tests are answered so we can summarize everything. An unexpected but pleasant surprise was waiting for masters in internationalists on their last class of the discipline "Global Finance”. In addition to the usual counting all of the estimates, the formation of stars out of group, lecturer, Professor Shevchuk V., awarded memorable gifts to the student who scored the highest number of points. It is interesting, what is in the pink packets? Charming smile of Lily Babiy and Julia Crupii is striking confirmation of the fact that learning in the specialty of IER is both interesting and enjoyable!


According to the results of III competition of the project "Empowerment of Erasmus Mundus in education (EMBER )" of the Erasmus Mundus programme, the consortium of which is the Lviv University of Trade and Economics postgraduate student of the Department of international economic relations Lega Oleg (specialty "World economy and international economic relations", research supervisor Professor V. Shevchuk) became one of the winners and received a scholarship for a year's study at the Vilnius University (Lithuania).
Department of international economic relations with pleasure wants to notice that Oleg since student days has established himself as a motivated, hardworking, creative young scientist. He was one of the most active participants of the Student scientific society of faculty of international economic relations, there were none of the Olympics or a competition of student research works without him.

In 2015  the work of Oleg "The destructive influence of a significant devaluation of the hryvnia in Ukraine's economy" (scientific supervision: Professor of the Department of international economic relations, Shevchuk V., Assoc. Prof. of the Department of international economics  Cherkas N.) Kyiv national University of Economics named after Vadym Getman, according to the results of the review during the II stage of all-Ukrainian competition of student research works in specialty "World economy and international economic relations" received the highest scores and was awarded a diploma.

April 1-4, 2015, Oleg participated in the II stage of all-Ukrainian student Olympiad on discipline "international economics" which was held at National University "Lviv Politechnic", and was awarded a diploma for the III place and a certificate of participation.

Well, studies in the Lviv University of Trade and Economics  on specialty "International economic relations" gave Oleg the opportunity to become a qualified specialist and to develop his scientific potential.

Hope that foreign experience will help him to master new approaches to solve scientific problems which he can use in the process of writing his dissertation research. We wish Oleg Lega success on  his scientific way!


Students of the specialty "International economic relations" are always interested in events that give the opportunity to expand their scientific horizons, to acquire skill to present the results of their first researches, and also to obtain new and useful information about innovations, inventions that change the modern world, modernize production and give life a new quality. Therefore, on 2 June 2016, they willingly took part in the Thirteenth scientific-practical conference of students of higher educational establishments of Ukrcoopunion “Innovative processes and their influence on efficiency of activity of enterprise”.

Students of 281 group Oksana Prots, Ira Dyka, Lubov Nagrebna and Bogdan Pik prepared scientific articles, abstracts which will be published in the conference proceedings. Oksana Prots also made a presentation on "the INNOVATIVE PROSESS IN THE CONDITIONS OF ECONOMIC GLOBALIZATION", and Bogdan Pik presented the results of a study on "THE IMPACT OF INNOVATION ON THE ACTIVITY OF THE ENTERPRISE".

It should be noted the fluent speaker’s material, an active interaction with the audience during questions and answers, as well as high (you could even say innovative),  level of their presentations. Of course, like all other participants of the conference the young internationalists were pleased to receive the award diplomas from the Board of Ukrcoopunion and certificates of Lviv University of Trade and Economics.


On May 13-14 the teachers of the Department of international economic relations participated in the scientific conference of the faculty with graduate students of the Lviv University of Trade and Economics "Actual problems of economy and trade in modern conditions of European integration."

In the section "the Role and functions of Ukraine in the conditions of global transformations" (moderator: doctor of Economics, Professor Shevchuk V. O.) were heard and discussed the reports of the professors and graduate students:

C. E. S., Assoc. Prof. Makogin Z., graduate student Andruseyko R. “The prospects of attracting German investment in the regions of Ukraine.”

C. E. S., Assoc. Prof.  Makogin Z. “The influence of labour migration on socio-economic development of Ukraine in the conditions of deepening financial instability.”

C. E. S., Assoc. Prof. Bodnar, I., graduate student Kalichak Y., postgraduate student Pukalskyi A. “The general principles of state information policy.”

C. E. S., Assoc. Prof.  Semiv S., C. E. S. Semiv G. “Cooperative model of development of the domestic market of oil products.”

C. E. S., Assoc. Prof. Yakhno T. “The problems of modern macroeconomic systems in the process of development of the consumer market of Ukraine.”

C. E. S., Assoc. Prof. Vasylytsua O. “Public-private partnership as a method of attracting FDI.”

Postgraduate Shevchuk S. “The hryvnia exchange rate and world commodity prices.”

Postgraduate student Lega O. “Causes of the devaluation of the hryvnia and ways of its overcoming.”

Postgraduate Yakym O.  “Economic effects of reducing the Ukrainian-Russian trade.”


First-year students while studying the subject "Environmental problems in international economic relations" tried to identify the most negative impact on the ecological situation. On 25 April 2016 Assoc. Prof.  Vasylytsua O. made an oxford debate on the subject in 181 group. Despite the fact that it was only the first debate during their study, but they were quite active. Coordinated teamwork helped to win supporters who claimed that life activities affect the ecological situation most negatively. At least each of us can do to minimize that impact.


On 22 April 2016 the Sixth international scientific-practical conference "Welfare of Nations in the global instability" took place at the Odessa National University of I. I. Mechnikov. The conference aroused the interest of the students and teachers of the Odessa National University of I. I. Mechnikov, Kyiv National University of T.G. Shevchenko, Lviv University of Trade and Economics  and the Chornomorski state University of P. Mogyla. Our University was represented by 2nd  year student Oksana Prots (scient. head of C. E. S., Assoc. Prof. of the Department Vasylytsua O. B.) with the report "prospects of development of Ukrainian agro-industrial complex". The report aroused interest of the audience and stimulated discussion.


April 12-13, 2016 - Associate Professor of IER Oksana Vasylytsua  took part in the 3rd  americaknowing multidisciplinare conference "a quarter century of Ukrainian-American friendship: the experience worthy of the future" which was held in LNU of Ivan Franko. The organizators of this event were the Center for American studies of the faculty of international relations of LNU of I. Franko, the Kennan Institute at the International research center of W. Wilson, Ukrainian foreign policy Association with the support of Fulbright programme in Ukraine.

The conference moderator and Chairman of the organizing Committee, Director of the Center for American studies of LNU of Ivan Franko, a graduate of the Fulbright-Kennan programme Roman Kalytchak stressed that the conference is a good occasion to reflect once more about the future of Ukrainian-American relations.

The report of Oksana Vasylytsua on the theme of "investment from the U.S.: opportunities for Ukraine" has generated considerable interest and stimulated intense discussion.

[Translate to English:] НАУКОВІ УСПІХИ МІЖНАРОДНИКІВ – 2016

Every year students of the specialty "International economic relations" participate in all-Ukrainian competition of student research works in specialty "World economy and international economic relations". As we are pleased to note that their participation does not go unnoticed. In the past year the work of our Tanya Klimova took the first place, and the work of Oleg Lega was awarded the honorary diploma. This year again, a diploma work of the 4th  year student Umrysh Yarina (scient. head  C. E. S. Vasylytsua O.), which received high scores on I and II round of the competition. And her groupmate Roman Trush (scient. head  C. E. S. Cherkas N.) was invited to participate in the final scientific-practical conference, because his work was recommended for second stage. Altough our Roman at this time was in the Wrocław University of Economics in accordance with the agreement on cooperation between the Lviv University of Trade and Economics and the  Economic University in Wroclaw (Republic of Poland), along with other students, where he obtained new knowledge, new experiences, new friends and, of course, the inspiration for new scientific achievements. The Department of international economic relations congratulates young scientists-internationalists! We believe that our students will confirm their high professional level plenty of times and in the capital's universities and in the international arena!

Open Data training for Journalists and public organizations.

On March 5, 2016  Oksana Vasylytsua,  Associate Professor took part at the Open Data training for Journalists and public organizations.

Lectures  were dedicated to methods of collecting and structuring data by using various computer programs. This event was organized by
the Center for Ukrainian Reform Education, Ukrainian Center for Social Data in partnership with the Mohyla School of Journalism, School of Journalism UCU, The West-Ukrainian Resource Center.

Click here to learn more:

On February 24,2016 Representatives of NGOs and the academic community had a meeting with the state secretary of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland Embassies.

The main idea of a meeting was the current situation in Ukraine: Anti-Corruption and other Reforms . Professor Victor O. Shevchuk and Professor Mariya I.Fleychuk took part at this meeting.

Research and Teaching Seminar on the International Economic Relations Department «Distance courses: from form to content»

On February 25,2016 took place Research and Teaching Seminar «Distance courses: from form to content». Professor Victor O. Shevchuk introduced his own vision of using the platform MOODLE for  International Economic Relations course (more here.).

Distance(Remote)  MOODLE platform facilitates information support of the educational process and allows better using of all necessary resources.

Students, aspirants and teachers of the Department at the lecture of Dmytro Solohub - "Monetary Policy : From Theory to Practice"

On February 12, 2016 in Lviv Academy of Commerce Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Dmytro Solohub presented a lecture «Monetary Policy : From Theory to Practice».

Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Dmytro Solohub gave an informative  and useful lecture. Everyone had an opportunity to discuss problem issues and to  ask questions.

This information will be used in the educational process, especially on the Faculty of  International  Economic Relations.

Scientific – Practical Seminar: « The role of electronic platform for surveys of graduates EPAK with the purpose of competence -based learning process formation»

On December 17, 2015 teachers of the International Economic Relations Department took part in a Scientific – Practical Seminar: « The role of electronic platform for surveys of graduates EPAK with the purpose of   competence -based learning process formation». Professor Victor O. Shevchuk, demonstrated an  innovative capabilities of this software product ,which was  developed by specialists of the Polytechnic University, Krakow in 2013-2015 as a  part of a large-scale research project,  funded by the Polish National Center for Research and Development ( NCBiR ) with the support of  some European funds. More about event here.

At the end Professor Victor O. Shevchuk presented his monograph «VADEMECUM: E- platform analysis of competencies in the management of higher education institution» (in collaboration with Joanna  Zhyra)

Scientific-Practical Internet-Conference «Features of international economic relations formation in the context destabilization»

On December 15, 2015 the Department of International Economic Relations in collaboration with public association «Centre for Social Innovation» held a Scientific-Practical Internet-Conference «Features of international economic relations formation in the context  destabilization». For more information click here.

«Brainy Quotes Will Teach Us a Lot»

On December 3, 2015, members of the Student Scientific Society (SSS) of  the International Economic Relations Faculty gathered for a round table meeting to  discuss urgent issues of modern world economy.

Student presentations were based on quotes of well-known people , writers, politicians, businessmen, whose  theoretical considerations and practical actions influenced on the history of international relations in the past, influence the formation of the modern world order now and will determine ways of development of the countries and every individual in particular in the future.

The event was organized by 4th year student , the head of SSA at the Faculty of International Economic Relations Yaryna Umrysh.

Read more here .PDF

Best Student of the Region Awards.

On November 19, 2015 celebrations on the occasion of the Best Student of the Region Awards took place in the premises of the assembly hall of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. In 2015 awards were given out to 184 excellent students.One of the award winners was Tetiana Klimova, a master degree student of International Economic Relations Faculty.

Academic Mobility: experience of Natalia I.Cherkas, Associate Professor

Natalia I.Cherkas, Associate Professor in the Department of International Economic Relations had an opportunity to visit the  University of Redlands, USA, as a member of academic mobility program in September-October 2015. Natalia I.Cherkas raised the qualification in the Department of Business of this University. She attended different  conferences and also was as a lecturer for students of International Business program and BSB Global Business Program for MBA.

For more information click here.

Awards at the Department of International Economic Relations

On November 7, 2015, celebrations on the occasion of the Academy Day took place in the LAC. Awards were given out to Serhiy R.Semiv, Associate Professor, and Oksana B.Vasylytsua, Senior Lecturer.  The Award of  Oleny Stepaniv was given to 4th year student Roman Trush.

Also Yaryna Umrysh(4th year student) and Komar Vasylyna(master student) were awarded by The Head of Department Victor O. Shevchuk.

Meeting with Herry Lit

On September 30, 2015 Herry Lit from Singapore visited our Academy. He worked as a teacher in Nanyang Technological University – the best University of Asia 2015. Today he combines scientific and practical activities ,by  working in a consulting company GL Training and Consultacy Singapore.

A series of lectures by Herry Lit:

1. Globalization: Short Introduction
2. "Globalization in Southeast Asia: The Singapore Experience

Students of International Economic Relations Faculty were interested  in this topic.This lectures gave an opportunity to know more about Singapore’s transformation from third to first world country.

Hope, that this experience , students will use in their future activity.
More information about Herries Lit experience here.


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