The Department of customs and technical regulation

Department Chair

Yemchenko Iryna Volodymyrivna, Doctor of Science in Engineering, Professor

Department History

Department of Goods and Services Expertise was formedat theCommodity Research and Commerce Faculty of the LvivCommercial Academy in 1998. From 1998 to 2000 the Department was headed by Professor Polikarpov I. S. From 2001 the Department Chair is V. I. Yemchenko, Doctor of Science in Engineering, Professor. In 2016, the Department was renamed and now it is the Department of Customs and Technical Regulation. Today the department is a structural unit of the Faculty of Commodity Studies, Management and Services.

The Department has 5 teachers: including 2 professors, 3 associate professors.

The Department provides education on the specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activities under the educational program" Commodity and Expertise in Customs "at the educational level" Bachelor "and" Master ".

The Department provides scientific-methodological and educational-research activity of students on the basis of Regional state laboratory of veterinary medicine, which is its branch.

Department Staff


The Department's research work is carried out in accordance with the plans of scientific research works of the Academy. The main research areas of the Department are based on ensuring the competence of Masters. The Department teachers have authored theses, monographs, textbooks and teaching AIDS participated in scientific conferences, seminars. The Department staff organizes students' scientific research also.

The Department's research work covers a broad range of problems in modernization educational process, development of quality and safety testing criteria of products introduction of measures of international technical regulation, improvement and use of modern methods and techniques of expert research customs and international trade.

All teachers of the Department are working on the implementation of research Department theme " Expert activity in technical and customs regulation ", which includes 5 subsections.

The Department Chair, Professor V. I. Yemchenko has 2 higher educations, 3 reserved candidates of Sciences, is a member of 2 specialized academic councils, member of academic councils Faculty of Commodity Studies, Management and Service Areas and Lviv University of Trade and Economics. She is the author of 280 scientific and methodological works (170 theses, 4 monographs, 3 textbooks, 12 study guides, 4 reference books, 12 patents of Ukraine for useful model).

Scientific and pedagogical workers of the Department participate in scientific-practical conferences, scientific seminars, symposiums, round tables on customs and technical regulation and examination, the formation of scientific schools. The Department staff research results are published in the domestic and foreign journals.

Scientific and pedagogical workers of the Department have published 11 monographs andauthored 16 patents of Ukraine for useful model, got 13 author's certificates and 9 national standards. Teachers of the Department review the textbooks, manuals, reviews on the abstracts of dissertations, reviews of the dissertation papers.

Educational Process

With the aim of improving the educational process, according to the specific competencies for future specialists modern for the educational program "Commodity study and examination in customs" and innovative methods are used by the teaching staff. Our lecturers areactive in distance learning courses for students, business games, e-books, etc. Students use their knowledge during the industrial practice at the enterprises of different ownership forms which the Department cooperate with.


Textbooks stamped MES of Ukraine: "Identification of products", "Methods and Technical Means of Customs Control", "Technical Means of Customs Control", "Examination of the Narcotic, Poison and Explosive Substances".

Textbooks labeled with MES of Ukraine: "Customs", "Examination of Goods", "Examination of Services. Workbook", "Sensory Analysis: practical workbook", "Expertise of Goods: practical workbook".

Textbooks: "Fundamentals of  Cultural Values Examination ", "Sanitary-epidemiological and Veterinary-sanitary Examination", "Customs Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity (Customs fees)", "Customs Business: Terms and Definitions", "Expertise in Customs and International Trade", "System for Description and Goods Codes", "Organization of Consumer Protection", "Museology and Museum and Exhibition Business," "Precious Metals and Precious Stones Examination ", «Commodity Judicial-expert examination: workbook".

Referencebooks: "European Requirements for Meat Processing Enterprises (the European choice of Ukraine)", "General Principles and Requirements of European Legislation Regarding Food Products. Information materials (the European choice of Ukraine)", "European Requirements for Manufacturers of Milk and Dairy Products. (The European choice of Ukraine)," Handbook of Gardener. Apple is a Commercial Crop in Ukraine," Atlas of Promising Varieties of Fruit and Berriesof Ukraine" "Fundamentals of Organic Production of Berries".

Department Partners

The Departmentstaffhasrelationship with other Universities of Ukraine such as Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics,National University"Lviv Polytechnic", Lutsk National Technical University, ChernihivState Technological University, KharkivState University of Food Technology and Trade, National Technical University KHPI, Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Kherson National Technical University and other.

The scientific and pedagogical workers of the department are members of the All-Ukrainian public organization Ukrainian Society of Commodity Students and Technologists. Scientific cooperation and international cooperation of the department are carried out within the framework of the project "Technologies of organic agriculture" with the support of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), the Swedish Environmental Protection Society (SSNC), the project of the public organization "Ecoterra", cooperation with the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Administration of Lublin  (Poland).


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