Department of Natural Sciences and Environment Protection

Department Chair

Prof. Dr. Yaroslav P. Skorobohatyi, Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences

Department Administration

Department Overview

The Department of Natural Sciences and Environment Protection, as a structural unit of the University, was established in 1939. Petro Franko, famous scientist, (the son of well-known Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko) was a Department Chair in 1940-41. Nowadays the department is named after Petro Franko. It offers students the opportunity to develop proficiency in more than 20 courses such as Chemistry, Physics, Environment protection, Ecology, Safety of Living, Environment, Safety and Health, etc.

The Department provides education at the educational levels of Bachelor and Master (full-time and part-time education) offering 20 courses such as "Safety of Living", "Safety and Health", "Chemistry", "Physics", "Environment protection" etc.

Department Staff


The Department’s academic and research work covers a broad range of issues, innovative methods of teaching foreign languages etc. Our teachers take part in different scientific conferences and seminars.

The Department staff research results are published in the domestic and foreign journals. Moreover, the Department teachers have authored numerous educational and methodological works, they edit and co-edit collective publications, course books, textbooks, terminological glossaries etc. The Department staff organizes students’ scientific research also.

Department Partners

The Department Staff has excellent relationships with the outside communities and is engaged in scientific and educational cooperation and exchange of teachers and students with departments of Lviv Ivan Franko National University, National University "Lviv Polytechnic” etc.


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