Department of commodity and technology of non-food products

Department Chair

Dr. Lesya V. Pelyk, professor, Doctor of Engineering  (Ukraine)

Department Overview

Department of Commodity of  non-food products was established in 1947 in the result of  merging the Ukrainian Institute of Soviet Cooperative Trade and Lviv Institute of Soviet Trade, and in 2016 it was renamed to the Department of Commodity and technology of non-food products. It is one of the graduating department of the University, whose mission is to provide professional and practical training in “Bachelor’s” and “Master’s” degrees in the field of commodity and technologyof  non-food products, quality management, entreprise and  commercial activities. The department has highly qualified teaching staff, of which - 3 doctors of sciences, 4 professors, 7 candidates of sciences, 6 associate professors. The postgraduate studies for preparation the scientific and pedagogical staff  in specialties “Business, trade and exchange activity” and “Technology of light industry” is functioning at the Department.

Department Staff


The scientific and research work at the department is a part of training specialists in commodity of non-food products. The scientists carry out the research of theoretical and practical problems of commodity and technology, consumer properties of products, development and evaluation of the range and quality of goods. The scientific schools of the areas of “Commodity of textile and footwear” and “Commodity of products made of polymer materials” are formed at the department under the guidance of leading experts. During the period of existence the scientific schools there were defended about 67 PhD theses and 3 doctoral theses. The department is involved in the development of standards for higher education, educational qualification characteristics, educational and professional programs, diagnostic means of education quality for higher education Bachelor and Master degrees in the specialties of “Business, trade and exchange activity” and “Technology of light industry”.

Educational Process

The teachers of the Department are permanently working at their knowledge of level and practical skills as for the expansion of the range and the investigation the quality of non-food products, using the computers technologies in the educational process with the focus on higher world standards of technical education and are improving active forms of training, such as: seminars-discussions; situational tasks; current and final testing with the system of Test-2003 use; individual tasks for each student with the separate themes of courses; complex situational tasks. The teachers carry out the lessons in professional disciplines in specialized laboratories of the Department using different appliances. Tne Department secures the main disciplines completion among which are commodity of non-food products, the products of world level of quality, methodology of security of products, materiology, exchange products, products information. Tne Department realizes the active cooperation with the national network of building-economic hypermarkets “Epicenter K” and practical training of students.

Department Partners

Tne Department is the member of the Ukrainian society of merchandisers and technologists and the International society of commodity and technologies (IGWF). The co-worker of the Department have excellent relations with the teachers of other departments in another higher educational establishments, that are engaged in research-educational cooperation and teachers and students exchange in Ivan Franko National university of Lviv, National university “Lviv Polytechnic”, Lviv institute of economic and tourism, Lutsk national technical university, Kherson national technical university, Kyiv national university of technology and design, Kyiv national trade and economic university an others.


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9, U. Samchuka Str., Room  627, 79009  Lviv  Ukraine

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tel.: +38 (032) 2958170



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