Department of Commercial Law and Procedure

Head of Department

PhD, Associate Professor Owerko H.Y.

Deputy Head of the Department

  • Deputy on educational-methodical and scientific work – PhD, Associate Professor Popov D.I.
  • Practice Deputy - Senior Lecturer Popadiuk S.S.
  • Deputy on educational work – PhD, Associate Professor Kovalska M.E.

The Department of Business Law and Procedure as an independent structural unit was created in 2008 as a result of the division of the Department of Civil Law and Process.

The department provides teaching of the subjects of economic and legal direction for training of specialists of the first (bachelor) level of higher education and the second (master's) level of higher education of specialty 081 Law.

Teaching staff:

The main directions of work of the department of business law and procedure

I. Educational and methodical work of the department

The educational process of the department is carried out in close interconnection of educational, scientific and educational processes among the student youth.

Teachers of the department provide reading of the following compulsory and selective subjects:

  • Business law
  • Problems of responsibility in the sphere of management
  • Legal regulation of taxation of business entities
  • Financial Law of Ukraine
  • Law of the World Trade Organization
  • Bankruptcy Legal Regulation
  • Customs law
  • International Economic Law
  • Commercial procedural law
  • Contracts in foreign economic activity
  • Exchange Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Protection of rights of economic entities
  • Problems of joint-stock law
  • Business agreements: theory and practice
  • The basics of legal consulting
  • International private law
  • Public international law
  • Science of law

The teachers of the department are also developers of such disciplines as:

  • Problems of business law
  • Corporate Law of the European Union and Ukraine
  • Legal regulation of foreign investment activity
  • Special legal management regimes
  • Transport law
  • Legal bases of investment activity
  • Banking Law
  • Shareholder law
  • Legal service in business organizations
  • Tax legislation

All the disciplines of the department are taught according to the level of educational requirements and are provided with the necessary methodological materials, work programs, distance courses, textbooks and manuals. For independent work of students there are all the necessary methodological materials, which are stored in the scientific-methodical office of the department (room 317 at 10, Tugan-Baranovsky St.).

Lecture courses of the disciplines of the department are constantly updated, practical classes are conducted taking into account the latest changes in the legislative and social spheres, taking into account modern legal researches.

In order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained, considerable attention is paid to the organization of acquaintance, educational, industrial and undergraduate practice of students of economic and legal specialization. Practice bases include public authorities, courts, law enforcement agencies, law firms, the state executive service, and more.

II. Research work of the department

Teachers of the Department of Business Law and Process constantly improve their skills by working on scientific works; participate in scientific conferences, departmental and faculty scientific events; through exchange of experience and internships in Ukrainian and foreign higher education institutions; through cooperation with various public organizations, as well as through direct practical experience in various areas of law enforcement activities through representation and protection of interests of economic entities in public authorities, local self-government, courts, commercial courts, etc. (law practice, management of the legal department of the organization, etc. .)

The teachers of the department are the authors of textbooks and manuals in the economic and legal disciplines. The works of the teachers of the department are published in various national editions. Teachers of the department constantly participate in the preparation of scientific proposals for the improvement of the existing legislation and the development of future legislation; analyze complex problems of law enforcement and provide necessary recommendations to the judicial and law enforcement agencies. At the department the necessary work on the organization of student scientific activity is carried out.

III. Educational work of the department

Teachers of the department are curators of academic groups.

The department joins the charity event "Nikolay with you" every year. Yes, children from the Sambir Boarding School have the opportunity to receive all the gifts that they have asked the Holy Wonderworker.

Teachers of the department organize excursions and hikes to the theaters, museums and other places of interest of Lviv region.

Presentation of the department

Presentation of the basic scientific, educational and educational-methodical measures of the department of business law and procedure.



Lviv, str. V. Samchuka, 9, com. 420

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