Department of State and Law Theory

Department Chair

Prof., Dr. IhorYa.Vdovychyn, Doctor of Science in Law, Professor

Department Administration

Deputy Chair for Educational Process — Halyna M. Sanahurska, Associate Professor,Ph.D. in Law (Ukraine)
Deputy Chair for Educational Work — Lesia I. Skreklia, Associate Professor,Ph.D. in Law (Ukraine)
Deputy Chair for Practical Training — Mariana I.Holynska, Ph.D. in Law (Ukraine), senior teacher

Department Overview

In 1986the Department of Law, led by Associate Professor VolodymyrPeredriyenko, was established by the Rector’s order as a part of the Faculty of Economics. In the future the Department of Lawwas transfered into the Faculty of Law and the modern Department of State and Law Theory was formed at the same time.

At various times the Department was headed by Associate ProfessorVolodymyrPeredriyenko, Associate Professor MykhailoMatsko, Professor VolodymyrKantsir, Associate Professor Myron Kostiv. Nowadays Prof. IhorVdovychynisthe Department Chair since 2014.

The PhD and doctoral thesis were prepared during the existence of the Department; more than 200 scientific publications, monographs and articles, textbooks and manuals were published also. All of this allows to supply the educational process properly in accordance with all modern requirements.

Taking into consideration the increasing demand ofindividual student work,the distance subjectscourses which are taught at the Department are worked out.
The Department staff takesan active part in the University cultural and educational work. The results of co-work were highly appreciated during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the University. The Department staff was awarded with various diplomas and gratitudes.

Educational Process

The Department of State and Law


  • LegalEthics
  • TheoryofStateandLaw
  • History of State andLaw
  • HistoryofState andLawofForeignCountries
  • HistoryofDoctrinesofState andLaw
  • ConstitutionalLawofUkraine
  • StateLawofForeignCountries
  • AdministrativeLaw
  • InternationalLaw
  • StateBuilding andLocalGovernment
  • Сooperative Law
  • StateProceduralLaw
  • ComparativeConstitutionalLaw
  • InternationalHumanitarianLaw
  • AdministrativeProceduralLaw
  • LegalConflictology
  • AdministrativeJustice
  • Philosophyoflaw
  • MethodologyandOrganizationofScientificResearch
  • LegalComparativeStudies
  • ComparativeLawinthe ContractLawDevelopment
  • PublicServiceinUkraine
  • TheoryofEvidence
  • ProblemsofState and Law Theory
  • Information Law


68,Ivan Franko Str.,
79011 Lviv  Ukraine