The Department of History and Philosophy


Yuriy Mykhalsky, Ph.D., assistant professor

The Department of History and Philosophy was founded according to the Decree number 183/02 of 01 October 2019 on the basis of the Department of History and Political Sciences and Department of Philosophy and Culture.
Currently, the department has 8 lecturers: 2 professors, 5 associate professors and 1 senior lecturer. Since 1 October 2019 the department is headed by assistant prof. Yuriy Mykhalsky.

Research and teaching staff:

Researches of the Department are the integral part of scientific process around Ukrainian history studies, world history and history of cooperation, philosophy, political science, sociology. Since the creation of the Department, the Scientific School of Historical Research Cooperation functions in the Academy. The Scientific School is directed by Prof. Stepan Heley, the author of 13 books and over 40 scientific publications. In 2013 the collective monograph "The consumer cooperative in Ukraine. From inception to present" (Lviv, 2013) was published.

One of the research areas is the analysis of the political system development process in Ukraine and abroad (Stepan Heley, Stepan Rutar. Political and legal systems of the world" (Kyiv, 2006) Stepan Heley, Stepan Rutar. Politology (Kyiv, 2013)).

The powerful research of prof. Stepan Heley is dedicated to the 190th anniversary of Lviv Academy of Commerce. It is "Essay on the History Commercial Academy" (2008). Great scientific valuation has the fundamental work of Stepan Heley "From the idea to the national state (selected articles on the history of Ukraine, political science, history and theory of cooperation" (2011).

Noteworthy is the monograph of Yuriy Mykhalsky "Polish political parties and Ukrainian question in Galicia in the early twentieth century. (1902-1914)"(2002), which revealed the position of the then leading Polish political forces in Galicia on Ukrainian statehood.

It is necessary to distinguish the monograph "History of Ukrainian Culture" (2015) by Olexandra Kendus and Vasyl Klok.

Works of Philosophy area of research is presented by following publications:

Timchenko O.P. Social summary of the existential anthropology of M.Berdyaev: monography. – Lviv, 2010

Philosophy: teaching manual / Timchenko O.P., Koziy I.V., Syslyuk Ya.H., Pigosh M.A. – Lviv, 2015

The scientific journal "Bulletin of Lviv University of Trade and Economics. Humanities ", which presents the scientific researches of Ukrainian and foreign scientists, is annually published under the guidance of Prof. Stepan Geley.

The scientists of the department systematically organize scientific conferences nationwide level, where the problems of modern history, political science, cultural studies and more are considered.

Teaching and learning process of the department is conducted in close relationship with the research and educational process among students. Lecturers are reading the following disciplines: History of Ukrainian Statehood, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Logic, Cultorology, Theory and History of Cooperation, Political System of the World, World Civilization History, Ukrainian Culture History, Historical and Legal Problems of Ukrainian Statehood, Mass Communication Theory.

According to the requirements of the Bologna Declaration all subjects are provided with necessary teaching materials, work programs, textbooks and manuals. For independent work of students we have all necessary training materials stored in scientific and methodical cabinet department (room 317, Tugan-Baranovky str., 10, Lviv, Ukraine).

Lecture courses are constantly updated, seminars are held to reflect the latest changes in the legal and social fields, taking into account current research of historical science.

All cources are available online.

Scientific and international cooperation. The department collaborates with Shevchenko Scientific Society (prof. Stepan Heley is the Deputy Chairman of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, editor of the "Bulletin of Shevchenko Scientific Society"), with the Institute of History of Ukraine, Institute of encyclopedic research Institute of Ukrainian Studies. I. Krypyakevych (prof. Stepan Heley is the member of the Specialized Academic Council), the Institute of Archeology and Source Studies. Hrushevsky Institute of Ethnology, Institute for Regional Studies and Lviv National University (prof. Stepan Heley is the member of the Specialized Academic Council, Yuriy Mykhalsky takes part in the opposing at dissertation defenses), National Library of Ukraine. Stefanik and other institutions.

Teachers of the department have regular certification trainig at the History and Philosophy Departments of Lviv National University.

The Department collaborated with Shevchenko Scientific Society in New York, with such renowned scientists as V. Vynar and V. Nesterovych to study the intellectual heritage of Illy Vytanovych. The department also maintained ties with East European Research Institute in Philadelphia (USA) and its head Ya. Pelenskyy when studying scientific heritage V. Lypynskyy, P. Tomaszewski and V. Kuchabskyy.

Teachers of the department took part in the  international scholarship programs. Yuriy Mykhalsky received the support of the foundation "Mianovsky Foundation" (Warsaw), Vasyl Klok participated at the Eastern Europe Studies at Warsaw University.

The Department of History and Philosophy preserves and continues traditions of research, cultural work and vocational guidance, formed by lecturers of Department of History and Political Sciences and Department of Philosophy and Culture.


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