Educational and Research Institute of Postgraduate Education


The institute was established in 1969 as a structural subsection of the University. Now it is one of the leading educational and scientific subsections in Western Ukraine. Retraining of specialists (obtaining the second higher education) and advanced training courses are conducted at the institute. 

Retraining of specialists is based on the license of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine by the following specialities:

1. Accounting and Taxation

2. Finance, Banking and Insurance

3. Law

These specialities are certified with the fourth level of accreditation by the Ministry of  Education and Science of  Ukraine. Experts with educational level of  “specialist” or “master” are enrolled in the studies. Apprenticeship continues from 2 to 3,5 years (it depends on the speciality and the form of education). There are a full-time and a part-time forms of  education. The cost of retraining depends on the form of education and specialties. Nonresidential students are provided with hostel places.

Advanced training courses of managers and specialists are held at short-term courses, seminars and trainings. The trainings at the courses and seminars are completed with the issuance of government-issued certificate.

To enter the Postgraduate Education Institute for Retraining an applicant must  submit such documents:

application; notarized copies of diploma of higher education and its supplement; 6 photos   (size 3x4); certificate of employment or an extract from the employment record; contract between the customer and the University; copy of passport and identification number.

The order and terms of entrance examinations are determined by the rules of admission to the retraining of specialists for getting the qualification  level of "specialist".

The institute provides the powerful material and technical base in its work. The best lecturers from the teaching staff of LUTE and other Lviv universities are enlisted to improve the level of teaching for the conducting classes at the PEI.

Our students have a high level of general education, technical education and high professional knowledge. The Institute trains specialists and economists for almost 200 years.

Many managers and leading experts obtained the new specialization at the Postgraduate Education Institute of University. Among them are: V. Lototskyi  - Chief Accountant of "KREDOBANK"; M. L. Zadorozhnyi  –  deputy of the Lviv regional council, chairman of the commission on industry and transport;  V.O. Ivakha  –  ex-deputy of the main department  of the Ministry of  Internal Affairs in Lviv region, nowadays - dean of the faculty of distance education of the Lviv State University of  Internal Affairs; V. M. Horhut - first Deputy chairman of the Volyn regional consumer;  I.V. Ivchenko – deputy prosecutor of  Lviv; B.V. Fedorko - chairman of an insurance company; B. Strontsitskyy,  A. Tlumak,  I. Oshchypko - FC "Karpaty" players; O.V. Dubovoy – member of  the parliament of  the 6th convocation  and others.  Also, many officials from other regions of Ukraine obtain the necessary education at the institute.



Br. Tershakivtsi Street 2a, Room 113, 113a, 114, Lviv, Ukraine

For more information call


295-81-64 (dean)

275-68-66 (selection committee)   


  • 03040101 - Право
  • 03050801 - Фінанси, банківська справа та страхування
  • 03050901 - Облік і оподаткування

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