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Prof., Dr. Nataliia H. Mitsenko, Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor

Generalized-review information on Department of Economics 

Department of Economics is one of the basic training-educational divisions of Lviv Commercial Academy. Its origin comes from 1899, when there was launched Higher Trade School, established in Lviv according to Rescript of Ministry of Religion and Education of Austrian-Hungarian Empire.  

At the different stages of the Soviet period of its existence the Department of Economics was in operation as a part of Trade-Economic and Economic Faculties – as a pre-graduate department.

Same as the a.m. higher educational institution itself, the Department possessed different names: «Department of Economics of Soviet Cooperative Trade», «Department of Economics of Trade», «Department of Economics of Enterprise» etc. Still, both the object and the matter of its activity stayed and remain unchanged, namely: training for highly-qualified economists for the system of consumers’ cooperative society and other sectors of Ukrainian economy. Non-alternative and decisive condition for fulfillment of this task both at the time of creation and in the subsequent periods of formation and development of the Department there was (and still remains) its professor-teaching staff.  

Today the Department of Economics is the leading department in the Institute of Economics and Finances. Its field of activity is training of specialists in specialty «Economy of Enterprise» and «International Economy», which was licensed in 2015. Starting from 2016 the Department will effect admission of students for specialty 051 «Economics» (specialization «Economy of Enterprise», «International Economy») and 076 «Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity» (specialization «Economy of Trade and Restaurant Business Enterprises»). 

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Scientific-Pedagogical Staff of the Department of Economics 

Scientific work of the Department of Economics

In 2015 teachers of the Department of Economics have reached significant success by several essentially important trends:

  • Fulfillment of 2 scientific-investigation themes with the state registration number;
  • Improvement of quality and effectiveness of work with regard to publications in the leading domestic magazines and foreign editions (in 2015 there were published 79 scientific works, including 4 studies issued, 3 scientific articles published in econometric data base Scopus, 7 ones – in all-Ukrainian magazines, 2 ones – in foreign editions;
  • Publication of 2 educational accessories and 1 textbook;
  • Retaining intensity of publications per one regular teacher at the rate higher than 3.5 points and;
  • Improvement of qualitative professor-teaching staff of the Department (Mrs. N.G. Mitsenko defended thesis on inception of the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences, while it provided for increase of fraction of doctors in the professor-teaching staff  till 33.3%);
  • Increasing the efficiency of students’ scientific work: (1) the 1st degree diploma and the 2nd degree diploma obtained as awards for the victory in all-Ukrainian competition of diploma works on specialty «Economy of Enterprise»; (2) 26 scientific works published.

Scientific cooperation and international cooperation of the Department of Economics 

The professor-teaching staff  of the Department of Economics is in cooperation with such higher educational institutions and scientific institutions as:

- Higher School of Economics (WSG) (city of Bydgoszcz, Poland);

- University of Informatics (WSIiU) (city of Lodz, Poland);

- Central-European Academy of Training and Certification (CEASC) (city of Bydgoszcz, Poland)

- Center of European Foundations (BFE) (city of Lodz, Poland);

- Donetsk National University (city of Vinnitsa);

- Kirovograd National Technical University;

- Lviv National University named after I. Franko;

- National University «Lvivska Polytechnika»;

- National Institute of Strategic Investigations;

- Institute of Regional Investigations at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.




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