Department of Economics

Department Chair

Prof., Dr. Nataliia H. Mitsenko, Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor

Department Overview

The Department of Economics is one of the oldest in Lviv University of Trade and Economics, its origins date back to 1899, when the Higher Trade School in Lviv was founded.

Teaching staff of the department - 5 people, including 2 Doctors of Economic Sciences and 3 Candidates of Economic Sciences.

The Department of Economics prepares specialists for educational and professional programs «Economy and business-analytics of the enterprise» and «International economics» in the specialty 051 «Economics».

In 2008-2019 department has prepared:

  • 1035 graduates of the educational level «bachelor»,
  • 217 graduates of the educational level «specialist» and
  • 727 - of the educational level «master».

Scientific interests are socio-economic problems and organizational and economic mechanisms of commodity turnover sphere development.

Over the past 10 years:

organized and conducted:

  • All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference «Internal trade: development and mechanisms of regulation at macro levels» (2013);
  • Interuniversity scientific and theoretical conference «Innovative development of entrepreneurial activity in the aspect of economic modernization of national economy» (2014);
  • Interuniversity round table «Mechanisms for the expansion of the European integration framework in the field of economy and tourism» (2014);
  • All-Ukrainian scientific and practical Internet conference «Problems and prospects of economic development of Ukraine in the conditions of globalization» (2017);
  • All-Ukrainian scientific and practical Internet conference of applicants for higher education and post-graduate students «Problems and prospects of economic development of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration» (2019);

participated in more than 200 scientific and practical conferences of different levels, including international in Ukraine and abroad;

issued 26 textbooks and manuals, 56 individual and collective monographs, a considerable number of scientific articles in professional editions of Ukraine and foreign countries;

supervised 20 candidate's thesis and 5 doctoral dissertations are taught by the teachers of the department;

completed 11 research topics on state registration;

in the process of implementation are 2 research topics:

Management of enterprises' innovative development of the commodity turnover sphere (0116U008696);

Organizational and economic mechanism for managing the activity effectiveness of integrated corporate systems (0118U000028);

increased qualification of all teachers through internships at the leading institutions of higher education in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, Portugal).

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+38(032) 295 81 34



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