Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics

Department Chair

1. Department Overview

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics is one of the leading departments in the University. It provides the learning process of the most fundamental economical disciplines. The department is a part of Institute of Economics and Finance of  LUTE and fulfils educational, scientific and other kinds of work.

2. Department Staff

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics represents 5 highly qualified teachers and 1 representative of teaching and supporting staff. Among them, Prof., Dr. – 1 (H.I. Bashnianyn); Prof., Ph.D. in Economics – 1 (O.I. Kovtun), Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Economics – 2 (B.M. Shevchyk, O.O. Perepolkina); Senior Teachers – 1 (O.R. Zavialova).

3. Research

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics has its scientific school "Methodological problems of metrological analysis of economic systems", which was founded by the Professor Bashnianyn H.I. in the 1990's. The organization and scientifically-methodological formation of the school began with the first steps of Lviv University of Trade and Economics in December 1997, which became Ukraine's first research laboratory of economic evaluation. The purpose of the scientific school is to identify the basic principles of economic trends based on monitoring practices of economic measurement and subsequent formation of this special area of econometric science as an economic metrology. Within the frame of the work of the school 20 Doctor and 95 Ph.D. Degrees were obtained. Since the beginning of the 1990's the Department has prepared more than 100 scientific monographs and about 1000 articles and thesis of scientific conferences and other materials.

4. Educational Process

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics provides teaching and learning process on a high level. Such disciplines as: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economics, Regional Economics, Global Economics, Business Strategy. The Department staff successfully work on the textbooks and methodological works. Over the past 20 years, the department has prepared and published 7 books, 40 textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and about 100 teaching materials. Also several courses are developed for Distance Education.

5. Department Partners

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics traditionally organizes and conducts interdepartmental seminars, scientific debates, round tables "System analysis of economic systems" and "Ukrainian national idea". In recent years intercollegiate conferences are regularly held. The material of which an annual magazine of scientific works "Transitional economic systems" publishes. The department actively stimulates students' research work. For this purpose a scientific club, including 10 problem groups, was created. There students actively work on the development of complex scientific theme "Transitional economic systems".

Contact Us:

10 Tuhan-Baranovskyi Str., Room. 304

790005 Lviv Ukraine

Tel. +38 (032) 2958137

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