Department of Physical Education

Department Chair

Ihor M. Blaschak

Department Overview

The Department of Physical Education and Sports was established as a structural division of the Institute of Trade and Economics in the postwar years.

The Department provides intramural form of training at four faculties. Student physical education is an integral part of the educational process. The main tasks of the Department are studying the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, the formation of sports and technical abilities and skills in the process of physical improvement, the development of professionally important physical qualities and psychomotor abilities.

Physical Education is a compulsory subject in the curriculum. Classes are held in accordance with the curriculum throughout the study period and are included in the Curricula of all training areas.

Department Staff

  • Ihor M. Blaschak
  • Veronika M. Zaviiska
  • Liubov V. Lukasevych.
  • Yurii S. Kholiavko
  • Ivan I. Bakhovskyi
  • Vitalii I. Kulaiev


In recent years, the Department have published over 60 scientific articles, 16 educational and methodological textbooks, including those approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The Department Staff participate in scientific and methodological seminars of the Department, Institute and University, scientific conferences of regional, national and international levels. The Department Staff constantly improve their professional level by individual research activities as well as internships and training courses in leading universities of Ukraine, Europe and the United States.

Educational Process

Much attention is paid to educational, sports, mass and recreation activities, the promotion of physical culture among students and the University Staff, teaching the biomedical and methodological foundations of physical education. According to students’ interests the priority directions include sports games, martial arts, light and weightlifting, power-lifting, fitness, shaping, and aerobics. About 200 students are involved in sports divisions in selected sports. In recent years, the 15 groups of sports perfection have worked at the Department. The total number of students attending the sections is 2,650 people. 45 Masters of Sports, 186 Candidates for Masters of Sports, over 720 athletes of the first category have obtained a Degree at the Department. The consolidated University teams are actively involved in the annual Student University of Lviv region in 15 sports. The University occupies the fourth place in the group of higher educational establishments.

The organization of sports and mass work of the Department was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Following the review of the Nationwide Contest for the best state of physical education and sports in higher educational institutions of Ukraine of III-IV accreditation level for the period of 2011-2012 the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the University took the third place.

University students have repeatedly defended the honor of Ukraine and became winners and awardees of many international tournaments: the World Student Universidad in China, the World and European Championships and Cups in such sports directions as Stand Shooting (Okhotska O.), Karate-do (Popovych T., 

Shybunko Yu.), Archery (Havinska Yu.), Arm-Sport (Ivanytskyi I.), Judo (Stelmashchuk R.).


November 24, 2015 − Opening of the annual Sports Contest among faculties took place in the Sports Complex. More information

Student Games of Lviv region-2014. More information

Open Championship of Ukraine – the pass to the World Cup. More information

Solemn Opening Day of Sports Contest for the students of the Institute of Economics and Finance and faculties. More information

Department Partners

The Department of Physical Education and Sports has excellent relationships with public and sports organizations like: FC “Karpaty”, Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Sports Arena “Lviv”, Public Organization “Ukraine – the way to unity”, which was established by the settlers from Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The Department Staff organized and conducted meetings with combined teams of Lviv colleges in various sports. The Department of Physical Education and Sports together with Lviv regional center of physical culture and sports for the disabled “Invasport” under the aegis of Lviv Regional Council has repeatedly held the All-Ukrainian Physical, Culture and Sports Festival for children with lesions of the musculoskeletal system at the University’s sports complex.




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