Educational and Research Information Institute


Oleh M. Shvets, associate professor, Ph.D. in Economics (Ukraine) 

On October 31, 2000 the Academic Council approved of the “Comprehensive Program of Educational Activity of the Higher Educational Institution by 2005”. The structural divisions of the Department of Computer Technology had been working on the implementation of this Program, which included a range of measures connected with the transition to new computer technologies of training.

To carry it out more effectively additional conditions were created, in particular: in 2001 the electronic library was organized, whose required software was developed by the specialists of the Department of Computer Technology as well as two computer reading rooms were equipped.

In general, a single high-speed computer network is installed to introduce new training technologies in the University, which is more than 600 PCs located in 22 computer classrooms. The Automated Information Library System with an access to it through the Intranet and Internet has provided the free use of it for all the students and teachers of the University as well.

On September 6, 2010 the Academic Council of the Academy (University) made a decision about the establishment of the Educational and Research Information Institute on the basis of the former department of computer technology.

ERII of LTEU provides the education process with modern information technologies, supporting the operation of a fiber-optic infrastructure, namely:

  • the infrastructure is connected to the high-speed intercity network channels URAN for mutual exchange of information in Ukraine;
  • there is an open access to research networks in the world, including the Pan-European research and education network GÉANT (includes over 3,500 educational institutions in Europe (30 countries);
  • the speed of connecting University buildings into a local network Intranet is 1 Gbit per second by means of a fiber-optic technology;
  • all computers of the University at departments, dean’s offices, institutes and in all University divisions are provided with the stable Internet speed of 100 kilobytes per second, the general Internet speed in the University is 1.5 gigabits per second;
  • there are Wi-Fi hotspots of wireless data transmission in the University’s academic buildings;
  • in the University there are 11computer classrooms at graduating departments, 7 computer classrooms of general use, 2 electronic library reading rooms;
  • there are lecture rooms 121, 122, 212, 401 and 501 ERII equipped with an interactive whiteboard or plasma, surround sound audio and other modern media devices;
  • at the institute there is “Methodical Complex” that includes a virtual media CD-ROM with discipline materials (work curriculum, thematic plan, lectures, practical (seminar) assignments, tests, etc.);
  • the information base of University diploma works (anti-plagiarism, check of dissertations and projects) is established and dissertations and projects are checked for plagiarism;
  • the Center of  Distance Learning Technology is established and is operating in Lviv Trade and Economic University.


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