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The Student Government of Lviv University of Trade and Economics (LUTE) were elected on November 21, 2015.

The responsibilities of the Student Government of LUTE are as follows:

  • to work for the students’ benefit and for the students’ sake;
  • to represent the interests of all students with no exception;
  • to protect the rights and interests of students;
  • to strictly adhere to the laws of Ukraine and to the Regulations on student self-government in their universities;
  • to implement the decisions and demands of higher organs of the student government;
  • to inform the student body;
  • to report to the student body about their activities.

The Student Government fully promotes the conscientious performance by all students of their duties simultaneously protects their legitimate rights and interests, as well as provides them to a harmonious, creative and intellectual development. The Student Government is a good basis for the initiatives and ideas of the student body of LUTE.


Голова студентського самоврядування:

Бойко Олег Анатолійович

студент 4 курсу факультету МЕВ та ІТ
мобільний - 068-144-19-14
головний корпус, каб. 211

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