Folk Choir "Mriya"

Folk Choir "Mria" - structural division of the university, was founded in 1985. History of the choir lays in its bright pages of glorious creative traditions spreadin Ukrainian song in the world.

The founders of the choir are  teacher of Lviv Music Academy named after  Lysenko, Honored Worker of Ukraine’s Art Ivan Chupashko and permanent president of  "Mriya"  - Honored Worker of  Ukraine’s culture ,  Professor Stepan Heley.

From the very moment of its foundation the choir has been striving for  sophisticated singing, looking for various forms and methods of work to achieve the best possible reproduction of choir music masterpieces. 

"Mriya"  repertoire includes: Ivan Zolotoustyy Divine Liturgy, works of brass music, folk songs arrangements, Ukrainian and world choir classics.

"Mriya" singers left significant impact  at Poltava and Lviv Song Festival Grounds in 1987,  1989 respectively, at the opening of  Choir Philharmonic Hall in Kyiv (1988),  at  T. Shevchenko’s memory honoring in Chernivtsi, in Kaniv (1991) and in Peremyshel (1992), in "Soniachni klarnety" programmes.

The unique museum of choral singing in Ukraine was opened on the basis of  "Mriya"  in 1993. In 1995 the choir started holding Choir Festival in Lviv, which later acquired  an international status.

"Mria" brilliantly won at international contests of choral singing in Miendzezdroya (1998, Poland), Uherskyy Brod (1999, Czech Republic), Neshatel (2003, Switzerland), Aizenhuttenshtadt  (2005, Germany), Radomsk (2012, Poland).

Concert tours along cities and villages of Ukraine, in many countries of the world have confirmed a high rating of "Mriya" in the field of choral singing, stable international prestige of amateur team, which is difficult to distinguish from a professional one.

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