League of the Lviv Trade and Economic University law students

Chairman of the Union LLSLCA: Kotukha Oleksandr Stepanovych


League of the Lviv Trade and Economic University law students was incorporated in February 8, 1998 and operates as a social organization.

One of the LLS units created according to the MES Order “On approval of Standard Regulation on the legal clinic of Ukraine higher education institution” is a legal clinic “On bono”.

October 5, 2016 Law Students League of the Lviv Trade and Economic University together with the Department of Medical Law of Lviv Danylo Halytskyi National University started medical and legal clinic work, which will provide free legal assistance in health and will ensure the patients and medical staff rights. The clinic will provide a free primary legal assistance: providing legal information; providing oral and written advice and clarification of legal issues; drawing up of applications, complaints and other legal documents (except procedural documents); assistance for access to secondary legal aid and mediation.

The purpose of Clinic is: assistance in maintaining the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens so clinic consultants are engaged in right and educational, Human Rights Protection and reform activities. Considering the present social ills the main purpose of the clinic is to provide free legal advice and practical training of law students.

Working in the clinic, 3-5 courses students acquire professional and practical skills that are the best advertisement for further potential employers and image of Law faculty and LTEU as a whole.

In addition to advocacy, “legal clinic” performs work in related areas which enables law students to develop comprehensively.


1. “Legal Clinic” is closely cooperating with regional and district Justice departments of Lviv region, with general and specialized Lviv courts, charitable social organizations.

2. Dealing with clients needing legal aid unites legal clinic with public organization “Lviv Centre of Human Rights”. President of the Center is honored lawyer of Ukraine, the solicitor Zenovii Stepanovych Hladun. Within the collaboration with the involvement of clinic students conducting of joint scientific activities are planned. 

3. Students consultants of legal clinic actively participate in the scientific field, that allows to strengthen their professional and scientific potential. This is reflected primarily in the student participation in international conferences, round tables, forums. As a rule three or four clinic consultants participate in scientific and practical arrangements of Ukrainian and international levels every month.


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