Educational Division

Head of Educational Division

Leading Experts:

Iryna V. Bazhenova (room 217, tel. 295-81-23)

Oksana D. Kuzyshyn (room 217, tel. 295-81-23).

The Educational Division is an independent branch of the University that performs the functions of the university administration on the educational process management and controls the educational process quality and efficiency, registration and reporting on the educational process organization.

Main Tasks:

  • Studying of national and international experience in higher education, development of recommendations on its implementation.
  • Participation in the work of University on the improvement of educational process organization and completion of the measures on implementation of the Law of Ukraine on Higher Education.
  • Coordination of the activity of university’s structural divisions of educational and methodical direction: Institute, faculties, departments and control of their work.
  • Organization of the development, improvement and control of curricula, syllabi, schedules, timetables of lessons, examinations and consultations of intramural and extramural forms.
  • Organization and control of teaching load performance of the university’s staff.
  • Preparation of an annual report on the University’s work for the academic year and presentation it to Ukoopspilka.
  • Control of the state of educational and accounting records at the departments and faculties.
  • Analysis and summarizing of the data of departments’ educational work and staffing on the basis of annual reports of the departments and deaneries.
  • Calculating the number of scientific and teaching staff of the University for the academic year.
  • Control of staffing and their work efficiency.
  • Holding of competitive selection for vacant positions of the university’s staff.
  • Preparation of orders, provisions, councils’ resolutions of the University, plans on educational training and control of their implementation.
  • Collecting, processing and preparation of summary statistics regarding students’ semester and annual progress on courses, departments and specialties.
  • Registration and distribution of educational facilities between the University’ divisions and control of their use and efficiency.

Educational department works closely with institutes, faculties, departments and other divisions of the university, coordinates and supervises their work in terms of planning, organizing and control of the educational process progress.



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