Division of International Economic Relations and Strategic Development



Заступник начальника відділу – Полякова Юлія Володимирівна

Менеджер проектів – Щурко Уляна Василівна

Менеджер з питань європейської інтеграції – Височанська Оксана Василівна 

The functions of the Department:

• receives official foreign delegations and individual experts (preparation of programs of stay, accommodation);

• prepares a draft agreement on cooperation with universities abroad;

• leads the coordination work within projects performed at the Academy; maintains contacts with foundations and missions operating in Ukraine;

• coordinates and exchanges information, establish contacts with foreign educational and scientific institutions, prominent academic and political figures, famous scientists, professors and lecturers;

• maintains a database of international students and faculty, as well as faculty and students who go abroad on exchange, on a business trip and for training;

• ensures the implementation of joint research projects of the Academy with foreign scientific centers and participation in multilateral projects;

• informs departments of the Academy about international educational organizations, programs, funds, and participation of students, academics, young professionals in competitions for scholarships and grants;

• maintains a database of exchange programs;

• provides translation of correspondence received by the Academy and correspondence that is sent abroad;

• advises foreign teachers and students on academic life and living conditions in Ukraine, prepares invitation papers, and does visa registration work;

• prepares reports on International activities of the Academy for the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Department of Education of Lviv region;

• organizes meetings of Academy administration and other authorized persons with representatives of foreign education, business and international organizations;

• collects and analyzes information about grants from international organizations, higher education institutions abroad, and prepares informative summary of the Lviv Academy of Commerce;

• establishes contacts and organizes various forms of cooperation with cooperative educational institutions of foreign countries and organizations of the International Cooperative Alliance, other non-governmental organizations dealing with the cooperative movement.