Education of foreign citizens

Foreigners who have completed secondary education but do not speak Ukrainian are accepted for pre-university preparation of the university. Studying at pre-university preparation of the university allows you to master not only the Ukrainian language, but also to get additional knowledge about profile subjects.

For studying in pre-university training you need to provide:

1. the original and a copy of the document on the previous education with the translation into Ukrainian;

2. the original and a copy of the document with translation into Ukrainian (about secondary education and its appendix with indication of the obtained marks from the educational disciplines;

3. 12 photos in the size of 3.5 x 4.5 mm;

4. a copy of the birth document with a translation into Ukrainian;

5. medical certificate of health, certified by an official health authority of the country and issued not later than two months before departure for study in Ukraine;

6. the original and a copy of national passport with translation into Ukrainian.

7. anketa .pdf


The condition of enrollment of a foreigner for studying for a certain educational qualification level is the possession of a Ukrainian language at a level sufficient for the assimilation of educational material, which is confirmed by the conclusion of the selection committee. Foreigners are enrolled to study at the university by interview results.

Teaching at the university in English is not conducted

After you confirm the decision to study at our university, you will be issued a formal invitation to the established sample.

Be sure the spelling of the name and surname in the invitation matches the passport data.

Upon receiving the university's invitation, you can contact the Embassy of Ukraine to obtain a long-term visa (04/12-study) with its original. If there is no Ukrainian Embassy in your country, we will tell you to whose area of responsibility the Embassies of Ukraine belong to your country.


  • You must familiarize yourself with the visa procedure on the website of the Ukrainian Embassy.
  • When you receive a Ukrainian visa, be sure to report the date of your arrival. The scanned ticket must be sent to our e-mail address no later than 3 days before arrival.
  • We will meet you at the airport and deliver you to the university.

Upon completion of studying

  • A student who has successfully completed a preparatory department receives a certificate of its completion. The certificate gives the right to be enrolled for the 1st year without exams, only for interview and payment according to the contract.
  • Upon request, the student can continue his studies not only at our university, but in other higher educational institutions of Ukraine.


  • Studying at the preparatory department - the equivalent of 1000 USD for 1 year
  • Accommodation in a hostel - the equivalent of USD 50 per 1 month.

If you have decided to study at pre-university training of our university you will need:

  • Scan and send a copy of your education document with our list of subjects and ratings at our e-mail address. Documents must be translated into Ukrainian.

We are ready to answer your other questions related to the registration of documents.

Our contacts:
Ukraine, Lviv, 79005, street. Tugan-Baranovsky, 10 office 219.
Phone / Fax: +38032 244 40 18

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