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The current competition of the ERASMUS+ program: KA 1-Educational credit mobility with the participation of Lviv University of Trade and Economics.

The University is a partner of the Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland) in the ERASMUS+ project. According to the terms of the project, students of 2-3 courses of economic specialties have the opportunity to study at the University during the second semester of 2019/2020.

The University is a partner of the Pontifical University of Jan Paul II in Krakow (Poland) in the ERASMUS+ project. According to the terms of the project, students of 2-3 courses of the specialty "Journalism" have the opportunity to study at the University during the second semester of 2019/2020.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • to be a university’s student;
  • to speak English at least at level B1.

The winners of the competition will be paid a monthly stipend and reimbursed for travel expenses at the expense of the project.

To receive an individual grant to study at the above-mentioned universities you must apply to the Center for international education and cooperation of the University (Tugan-baranovskogo, 10, office. 219) the following documents in ENGLISH:

  • CV;
  • a photocopy of the passport;
  • a certificate of training in LUTE;
  • extract with grades and credits for each subject (Transcript of Records), certified by the Dean's office;
  • certificate of English language proficiency not lower than B1 level (preference will be given to official certificates such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). In case of absence of the certificate, it is necessary to fill in Language Assessment Sheet which needs to be assured at the teacher of a foreign language with the seal of the  Dean's office;
  • motivation sheet (maximum volume - 1 page).

Please note that each participant covers the insurance costs and costs associated with obtaining a residence permit in the host country during the mobility.

Selection of students nominated for participation in the mobility program will be carried out by LUTE according to the following criteria:

  • academic performance (50%);
  • knowledge of the foreign language (30%);
  • motivation (10%);
  • social activity / engagement in scientific activity (10%).

The enrollment procedure. The Center of International Education and Cooperation informs the participants about the results of the competition. The benefit will be given to students who have not yet participated in the Erasmus+ mobility program. Based on the selection criteria the rating list of the strongest candidates is formed in descending order, which allows subsequently to form a list of nominated candidates for participation in the mobility program and a reserve list. Applicants who score the highest results are interviewed to the Center of International Education and Cooperation. After the interview, the Center sends the list of nominees to the University, which accepts mobility participants under the Erasmus+ program. The final decision on acceptance or non-acceptance of nominated candidates is made by the host University. In the case of refusal to participate in the mobility program of the nominated person, participants from the reserve list are submitted to the host University according to the order in the rating list.

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