Рractical training of students

An integral and important part of the entire system of training highly qualified specialists at the university, which forms the output of a competent specialist is the practical preparation of students.

The organization and conduct of the LETU students' practice is carried out on the basis of:

  • Regulation on the practice of students of higher education institutions of Ukraine: Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 93 of April 8, 1993;
  • Regulations on Conducting the Practice of Students of Higher Educational Institutions of the UCCU: Resolution of the Seventh Meeting of the Council of the UUOPU of the Sixteenth Convocation of 23 April 1998;
  • Regulations on the organization of the educational process at Lviv Trade and Economic University;
  • Regulations on the organization and practice of students of the Lviv Faculty of Commodity and Commerce;
  • Regulations on the bases of industrial practice of students of LETU;
  • curricula of specialties;
  • Practice programs for relevant specialties and training areas.

The practice is carried out in order to deepen students' practical skills, to work out methods and methods of performing organizational, administrative and analytical functions (works) in structural units, positions of which are replaced by specialists of this specialty, as well as to collect materials for the completion of master's, graduate work and assembly specialty exam.

All types of practices are provided with appropriate regulatory and methodological materials. It is designed according to a concept that reflects the realities of educational development and its orientation to socio-personal and professional competences, employers' requirements for graduates, first of all, increased in practical training. The concept specifies the practice not in the abstract with a specialty, but with the disciplines that precede the practice. These are specific functions, types of work (analytical, expert evaluations, management decisions, forecasts, projections of macro- and micro-level, regional, national scale, which should be performed by the student at the place of work.

Successful practical training of students for the university, their professional adaptation during industrial practice is a guarantee of high competitiveness of graduates in the labor market and as a consequence of the demand for appropriate educational services.

Documents from organization of practice

Enterprises - bases of practice

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