Innovation Center


Yuriy Myronov

PhD in Economics, associate professor

The main goal of the Innovation Center is to support, develop and commercialize the results of innovative scientific and technical projects, develop scientific, technical and educational cooperation (including international), and implement programs for the technical modernization of the University.
In accordance with the goal, the Innovation Center implements the following main tasks:

  • development of proposals and projects for the future development of the University regarding educational, scientific, industrial and other activities and material and technical base;
  • implementation and coordination of measures to expand sources of off-budget financing and obtaining technical assistance;
  • coordination of the work on the creation of infrastructure for the startup movement on the basis of the University's divisions;
  • promoting the development of cooperation with enterprises, organizations and institutions on the implementation of a two-way communication system for the purpose of updating educational programs, topics of scientific research, receiving requests for technical developments to solve the current tasks of enterprises, bringing to a practical result and commercializing the results of scientific research, etc.;
  • organization of events for the introduction of new technologies of learning and knowledge control, use of technical means of learning and information and communication technologies.


Office 219
Tugan-Baranovskoho, 10
79005 Lviv, UKRAINE

Tel.: +38 093 145 35 10