Faculty of Commodity, Management and Serviсing

Leading Experts:

The Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing was founded more than 70 years ago. Before 2016 it was called the Faculty of Com¬modity Science and Commerce, and since 2016 -the Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing. One of the first Deans of the Faculty (1940-1941) was Petro Franko, the famous chem¬ist and public figure - Ivan Franko's son.

The Faculty consists of eight departments, seven of which are graduation departments:

•  Commodity and Technology of Food Pro¬duction;
•  Commodity and Technology of Non-Food Products;
•  Business and Entrepreneurship;
•  Customs and Technical Regulation;
•  Food Technology;
•  Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business;
•  Management;
•  Natural Sciences and Environment Pro¬tection.

Research and teaching staff of the depart¬ments (15 Professors, Doctors of Sciences, and more than 40 Associate Professors, Ph.D.s) pro¬vide training at a high professional level. Training, further and advanced training of the teaching staff is carried out through doing research work, postgraduate studies, undergoing a study course at leading universities and research institutions in Ukraine, as well as taking part in methodological and scientific seminars and conferences.

Each department has its classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories. In addition, faculty com¬puter rooms and computerized laboratories, equipped with modern personal computers, are used in the teaching process. 

The educational process is provided with a full package of mod¬ern software. The main sources of information support for the teachers and students of the Fac¬ulty are the reading room and electronic media.

Nowadays almost 1,400 students receive higher education at the Faculty.

The Faculty pro¬vides full-time and part-time training for achiev¬ing the educational qualifications of:

  • Bachelor (Speciality "Business, Trade and Exchange Activities", "Hotel and Restaurant Busi¬ness", "Food Technology", "Management", "Tour-ism"and "Environmental Protection Technology");
  • Master (Speciality "Business, Trade and Ex¬change Activities", "Hotel and Restaurant Business", "Management", "Public Management and Administration");

The graduation departments of the Faculty have generally recognized in Ukraine scientific schools and prepare highly qualified scientific staff through postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The specialized Academic Council for the de¬fence of Ph.D. theses in technical sciences func¬tions at the Faculty.

The Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing effectively integrates with European and world education systems.

Faculty graduates can occupy key positions of heads and experts in government, in the field of cooperative and state trade, light and food in¬dustries, the system of standardization, certifica¬tion and examination of goods, in the customs services, restaurants and hotels, health resorts, in environmental inspectorate, research and edu¬cation institutions.

The students participate in research work which is conducted by the departments under the supervision of lead teachers. According to the results of the research work the students deliver reports at university, inter-university and international conferences.

Faculty graduates have an opportunity to do post graduate and doctoral studies at Lviv Uni­versity of Trade and Economics and other trade and economic educational establishments.

Student Government and Student Scientific Community were set up at the Faculty, moreover their structures with appropriate division of au¬thorities and responsibilities were determined.

The Academic Council of the Faculty always includes representatives of the Student Govern¬ment. Regularly at the meetings of the Faculty Academic Council, questions concerning the prob¬lems and prospects of the Student Government, directions of educational and organizational work are heard. A constant work to attract students to action resulted in the popularity of the Student Government at Lviv University of Trade and Eco¬nomics. The Authorities of the Faculty co-operate closely with the Student Government on various issues that arise during the educational process.


The students of the Faculty have an oppor¬tunity to fulfill themselves in amateur-talent groups, in volunteer programs and social pro¬jects, to use the modern sports complex of the University, and undergo military training.


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