Legal Advisor

A legal advisor is a full-time employee of the university, whose main task is the organization of legal work at the university aimed at correct and consistent compliance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and normative documents of the university. The legal advisor closely cooperates with the separate units of the university.

The main functions assigned to a legal advisor are:

  • represents the interests of the university in all organs of the court, state authorities, as well as in other organizations, institutions, enterprises, regardless of their organizational and legal form;
  • prepares and participates in the development of legal documents;
  • conducts explanatory and introductory work in a timely manner in case of changes in legislation;
  • provides legal advice to employees and students of the university;
  • participates in the work on the conclusion of business contracts, the preparation of conclusions on their legal validity, the development of terms of labour contracts, as well as in the consideration of issues of receivables and payables;
  • participates in the development of the collective agreement, rules of internal labour procedures, job instructions and regulations on subdivisions;
  • prepares substantiated answers to claims and other requests;- develops materials on asset misappropriation, embezzlement, violation of legislation or dishonest activity of counterparties;
  • takes part in the preparation of materials regarding bringing employees to disciplinary or material liability;
  • prepares, together with other subdivisions, proposals for changing existing or cancelling the orders that have lost their validity and other normative acts that have been issued.


Olha V. Heiko

10, Tuhan-Baranovskoho Str, Room 311, Lviv

Contact phone number: 050-970-69-81


Reception of students and university employees every day from 9:00 to 13:00.