Folk Chapel “Halychanka”

Folk Choir "Halychanka"

The Bandura players Choir “Halychanka” is a structural unit of the University, that was founded in 1959. The vivid pages to history are added in the history of the collective development, that are telling the glorious artistic traditions, first of all the longstanding inspired creative work of the founder and head of Honoured cultural worker of Ukraine, excellent student of education of Ukraine Volodymyr Bohdanovych Dychak.  “Halychanka” received the honorary title “folk” in 1968.

In the 1969-1970 - honorary titles of prizewinners of the republican festivals of arts. Then the unforgettable trips to Siberia and Central Asia, professional tour in the former Soviet republics and three creative trips to Poland.

Better chorus masters and concertmasters worked with the choir at various times: Valentyna Havlynska, Yevhen Fedorenko, Oksana Samotos, Halyna Lupii, Tetiana Korotkova and others.

The choir has considerable achievements over the entire period of creative activity. “Halychanka” is the prizewinner of many national and international contests and festivals: awarded the Diploma of honour of the Supreme Council of the USSR, the Grand Prix at the International Festival and Contest in Belgium. It is the prizewinner of the all-ukrainian contest of amateur art in the nomination “Folk Music Arts”, first place at the regional contest “Songs of unforgotten land”, Laureate Diploma of the first degree at the XVIII International Hutsul Festival and Contest.

The outstanding singers of the present time sang with choir: the People’s Artist of the USSR P. Karmaliuk, the soloist of Grerat Theatre L. Bozhko, the soloist of Vienna Opera S. P’iatnychko and others. The collective has repeatedly appeared on radio and television. 9 works performed by “Halychanka” entered into the golden fund of Ukrainian radio.

Ruslana Drobot has been the chorus master since 2003, who in 2005 headed collective, continuing the glorious traditions of her teacher V. Dychak, and a concertmaster is Myroslava Medvetska.

The choir performed in many countries: Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Germany and France. The high artistic level of collective has repeatedly been noted in the Ukrainian and foreign press.

The pupils, students, engineers, and teachers are the collective members. Now, among the graduates of “Halychanka” – there are the recognized artists and scholars, leaders of children’s and adult artistic collectives in the Lviv region and other regions of Ukraine and abroad.

There are variety of thematic programs, programs of Ukrainian folk and religious music, foreign classics, modern author’s works of Ukrainian composers in the collective masterpiece.

The collective consists of 30 bandura players girls today, who have good knowledge of this wonderful instrument. Special methods and individual approach to each member ensure high professional level of the collective as a whole.

The choir has given more than 200 concerts in the last five years. “Halychanka” is inspired popularizer of Ukrainian songs not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Over the past three years the collective presented its creation at international festivals in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, the Baltic States with dignity.

The repertoire of the choir has more than 100 works of different themes and character, thematic programs on words of T. Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, wide repertoire of Christmas carols.

The choir “Halychanka” traditionally is a member of Ukrainian Christmas festival “Great Carol”, Y. Sinhalevych all-ukrainian Kobzar Festival of Arts “Ring, bandura”, choir festival “Lark gathers friends”, “Easter bells” in the city of Lviv.

There was written a CD of Christmas program “The Christmas Eve” in 2008, and there was made video recording of Christmas program at the studio of the Lviv television in 2009. In 2010, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary there was recorded the album of songs at the recording studio “Melos”, which includes better choir’s musical compositions.

“Halychanka” never stops on achieved and respecting the artistic traditions of the collective is a kind of spiritual talisman, continuing the glorious traditions of Kobzar Art.

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