Educational Division

Leading specialists: Iryna Bazhenova (room 217, phone +38 (032) 295-81-23), Halyna Gapyak (room 217, phone +38 (032) 295-81-23).

The educational department is an independent structural division of the university that implements the functions of the rectorate in managing the educational process at the university, monitors the quality and efficiency of the educational process, records and reports on the organization of the educational process.
The Educational Department is directly subordinate to the First Vice-Rector of the University, Professor Barniy M.Yu.
In its work, the Educational Department is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the current legislation, the Laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", "On the Principles of State Language Policy" and other legislative and regulatory documents of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Statute of the University, the orders and directives of the Rector.
The general tasks, main organizational and legal principles, and conditions of the department's activities are determined by the "Regulations on the Educational Department of the Lviv Trade and Economic University".

The main tasks of the educational department are the following types of work:

  • Ensuring the implementation of state policy in the field of monitoring the quality of education.
  • Monitoring the system of organization of the educational process.
  • Periodic updating of the catalog of the normative and legal documentation base on educational activity.
  • Providing methodological assistance to the structural units of the University, educational and methodological orientation: institutes, faculties, departments, and control over their work.
  • The organization of the development, improvement, and control of the implementation of educational plans, work programs, schedules of the educational process, schedules of classes, examinations, final examinations, and consultations on full-time and part-time forms of education.
  • Planning the number of groups by courses and faculties.
  • Carrying out statistical accounting of the movement of higher education students by courses, specialties (educational and professional programs), and forms of education.
  • Organization and control over the implementation of the pedagogical load by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the university.
  • Organization of work on the composition of the examination boards and the submission of the corresponding documentation to the Ukrainian Qualification Commission.
  • Generalization of the results of the work of the examination boards, the results of the qualifying examinations, and the defense of the qualification works (projects).
  • Preparation of a report-information on the work of the examination boards.
  • Preparation and submission to the Ukrainian Qualification Commission of an annual report on the work of the university for the academic year.
  • Control over the state of educational and reporting documentation at the departments and faculties.
  • Analysis and generalization of data on the educational activities of the departments and the staffing of the educational process on the basis of annual reports of the departments and deanships (institutes).
  • Calculation of the necessary number of scientific and pedagogical staff of the university for the academic year.
  • Control over the correctness of the composition of the departmental staff and the efficiency of their use.
  • The competition selection process for filling vacant positions in the academic and pedagogical staff of the university, namely:
    — the announcement of the competition;
    — the acceptance and registration of applications from individuals who have expressed a desire to participate in the competition;
    — the organization and conduct of the competition selection in accordance with the Regulations on the conduct of the competition selection for filling vacant positions with academic and pedagogical workers at the Lviv Trade and Economic University.
  • The preparation of orders, resolutions, university council decisions, plans for educational work, and their implementation.
  • The collection, processing, and compilation of summarized statistical data on the semester and annual success of students by courses, specialties, and faculties.
  • The accounting of the work of hourly teachers at the university.
  • Passport of the university.
  • The preparation and issuance of certificates of compliance with the educational plan at the request of persons who have previously completed the educational institution.
  • The registration and distribution of educational premises between the units of the university and the control over their condition and efficiency.
  • The provision of institutes, faculties, and departments with forms of educational documentation.
  • The formation of files for transfer to the archive.

The Educational Department works in close contact with the institutes, faculties, departments, and other structural units of the university, coordinates and controls their work in terms of planning, organization, and control of the educational process.



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